Signed into law by President Bill Clinton

107th US Congress
Welfare Reform Act 1996

This is the proposal for the Welfare From Act of 1996 which was emailed from the University of Arizona School of Medicine July 4th, 1996:
Proposal For John F. Kennedy
Mmemorial Homeless Assistance Program

"A Hand up not a hand out"
"Ask Not what your Country can do for you ask what
you can do for your country."

If you want to Sponsor This Bill For Congress insert your name below: Author Chris Walters
Since the creation of the Stewart McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1986 the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government have received immense public demand to modify programs to assist the homeless to become selfsufficient. Having taken the matters under advisement the Government has created the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Homeless Assistance Act of 1997 which is based on an idea literally years ahead of it's time:
"A hand up not a hand out"
This legislation requires personal responsibility from the Federal Government, States, nonprofit agencies, and to be sure the homeless themselves. The funding and awards of grants to various institutions which serve the general homeless population results from scores generated on the attached form.

Needless to say our program is not even remotely interested in what type of political party, what religion or philosophy, or other such considerations are involved. We believe that if your institution is superior as you suggest; you will naturally receive a superior score. Generally, it has been noted that large dormitory style shelters have failed over the years to demonstrate their program fundability while smaller family style shelters have larger bases of support.

Government has also noted an enormous number of persons, groups, and organizations who actively support the idea the homeless should work. We were also impressed at how few shelters have programs which support long term gainful employment and can't help to wonder why government should support a program your community won't?

US District Court Oregon

Judge James Redden
1000 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Union Gospel Mission

Director: Mr. Tom W. Zobel
345 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR 97301-3413
(503) 362-3983
	Chris Walters   )
	Plaintiff       )
	vs              ) CV-92-1632RE
InterAgency Council on  ) Former Chief Judge 
the Homeless            ) James Redden
Defendant               )

Arresting Homeless Seeking Work
Chief Judge James Redden Demoted To Junior Judge

Hi there my name is Dan Nisley the head convict here at the Union Gospel Mission in Salem, Oregon(1992). You might shrug me off as just another dumb convict who found an organization to suck on in the name of Jesus. Actually I am one of the most important people in the United States whose actions changed the course of history and was largely responsible for welfare reform of the 1990's. It was December, 1992 and I was engaged in my duties to pratice federal criminal law here in church. I was reading Mr. Walters his rights and advising him he was under"citizens arrest". I explained to the accused that I apprehended him for "postal fraud" for using our employment office to try and sell his $10.00 computer disc to various organizations. I explained to the accused he was being let off with a warning.

Walters v. InterAgency Council on Homeless in United States District Court Oregon 92-1631 RE which was filed questioned the right of "convicts" to pratice law in a church and have homeless persons seeking work arrested. Former Chief Judge James Redden explained that under precedent New Orelans v. Dukes and another ruling I could indeed be prosecuted clients for looking for work using a nonprofit agency. Dan Nisley can't thank the Judge enough for helping me settle a private score with the person in question and ultimately giving up his Judgeship for a mere convict like me.

Union Gospel Mission
345 Commercial St NE 
Salem, OR 97301-3413 
(503) 362-3983  
Director: Mr. Tom W. Zobel