How To Create An Artificial Famine

This section reviews question of misuse of USDA programs to create artifical famines and USDA food stamp programs

1. Title 7 USC 2011 Food Stamps The Congress created the food stamp act originally to provide for the urgent needs of the needy, elderly, and disabled

2. Title 7 USC 2011 USDA Commodities The Congress created excess commodities which provides USDA commodities to food banks and other organizations to provide meals for the needy, elderly, and disabled.

About 1987 Carol Garlitz at University of California Cooperative Extension at Modesto, CA and other groups because concerned about rampant hunger, privation, and famine running rampant in San Joaquin Valley If you are not familiar with California the San Joaquin Valley is the largest food producing area on the face to the planet according to some sources. If the needy live in such an area where so much food is grown it has to be plowed back under from time to time, how can their be hunger? A draft copy of UCC starvation report made it's way to City Manager office and Carol Garlitz became employied elsewhere. In the immortal words of Congressman Tony Coelho she was offered a position she could not refuse as director or Social Services in Santa Barbara County. We must stop to ask if the farm interest failed to donate to the various shelters in the region? The type of meal served at Modesto Gospel Mission several times a day on USDA commodities for the in house staff is probally of a larger and better quality than the President of the United States eats. Not surprisingly former Mission Director Jack Hewitt developed diabetes.


Informed sources suggested that a special interest group wanted to support a drive in Congress to buy more farm produce this particular year and buy more USDA Commodities. I received 3 threats from the rescue missions in Stockton, Fresno, and Bakerfield delivered through Assistant Mission Director David Ferguson.