Nobility Means Nobel Acts In Service To Others

. President George Bush Sr

The Whitehouse
1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington, DC
The Thousand Points of Light Program
Enspousing Vitrues of Volunteerism

. US Senator Mark O Hatfield

Chiarman Senate Appropriations Committee
Salem, Oregon 97301

. US Senator Ted Kennedy


US Senator John Glenn

Co Sponsored CSBG
Case Management For Less Fortunate

Congressman Mike Lowry

Seattle Washington 98104

Senator Brock Adams

Seattle Washington 98104

Secretary Jule Sugarrman
DSHS CSD - Customer Service Center
PO BOX 11699
Tacoma, WA 98411-6699
Congressman Mike Lowry Co Sponsored Homeless
Assistance Act 1986

. Congressman Bob Goodlatte

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Chairman House Committee On Judiciary
Washington, DC 20515
Frequently Addressed Problems
In Low Income Programs

. US Senator Bob Packwood

Chairman Senate Banking Committee
Portland, Oregon
Opposed Warehouse Of
Low Income Groups

. US Senator Lloyd Bentsen

Vice President
Supported Programs for Less Fortunate
Austin Texas
Concerned Over Hard Times
For Texans 1993

. California Governor Pete Wilson

State Capitol
Scramento, CA 95814

Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt

State Capitol
Salem,Oregon 97301

Washington Governor Booth Gardner

State Capitol
Olympia, WA
Commissioned I-5 Cooridor
Survey of I-5 InterState Highway

President Geroge Bush Sr

The WhiteHouse
1600 Pennslyvania Ave
Washingotn, DC 20501
Wrote Americans With Disability Act

. US Senator Harry Reid

Broadly supported Homeess Programs
Las Vegas, NV
Visited Las Vegas Rescue Mission
Supported Low Income Programs

. Senator Orrin Hatch

Salt Lake City, Utah
Man Of Few Words
Worked for Less Fortunate

. US Congressman Tony Coelho

Chairman House Agriculture Committee
Modesto, CA 95354
Helped Write Food Stamps For
Homeless Act & Other Low Income Food Programs

. Congressman Henry B Gonzalez

Chairman Banking & Urban Affiars Committee
San Antonio, TX
Chief Funding Source for Federal
Low Income Programs -1996

. Congressman Henry B Gonzalez

Chairman Banking & Urban Affiars Committee
San Antonio, TX
Kennedy Center Award
For Life Time of Service

State Public Officials Heavily Involved In Helping Less Fortunate

Governor Ann Richards
State Capitol
Austin, Texas
Authorized Audits & Survey
Of Homeless Shelters In Texas

Lt Governor Bob Bullock
State Capitol
Austin, Texas
Active Supporter of Homeless Legislation
As Lt Governor Of Texas

Governor Lawton Childes
State Capitol
Austin, Texas
Long Time Supporter of Less Fortunate

Victor Hudenko

Arizona DES Homeless Coordinator
Phoenix, AZ
Active Nationally For Homeless
& In Retirement

Mayor Marureen Oconnor

City of San Diegol
San Diego, CA
Mayor Oconnor Improved Services
For The Homeless

Michael Antonovich

Los Angeles County Supervisor
Los Angeles, CA
Worked For Less Fortunate

Social Service Providers Heavily Involved In Helping Less Fortunate

Reverend Ed and Bea Compton

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission
480 W Bonanza Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Giving A Hand Up Not
Only A Hand Out

Kay Knepprath

California Homeless Coalition
Sacramento, CA 95814
Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Greg Oneil

Murdered 2018-By Drug Dealers?
Gods Love Shelter
533 N Last Chance Gulch,
Helena, MT 59601
Would Give Shirt Off His Back
Tireless Volunteer

Gordon Packard Co Founder
Funeral 10-29-2018
The Prima Vera Foundation
702 S. 6th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701
Co Founder of Prima Vera Foundation
Tucson, Arizona

. Samaritan Ministries

Presidential Citation for Excellence
Sonjia Kurosky Executive Director
414 E. Northwest Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Presidential Citation For Excellence

. Joan Kroc

McDonald Heiress
Doantes Billions To Charities
Gave $1.6 Billion To Salvation Army
With Strings Attached

. Mickey Keith
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The Good Samaritan Shelter
401 W Morrison Ave C,
Santa Maria, CA 93458
Spent Decades Volunteering
At Good Samaritan Shelter