US Postal Inspector Intelligence Group
Instant Passport Photos San Antonio, TX 1982

US Postal Inspector Counter Intelligence

US Postal Inspector RB Brown
aka Instant Passport Photos
Cointellpro Operations
112 N Alamo Street
Post Master R.G. Brown
Forth Worth, TX 76155-2675
Research Into Forge Proof ID
Modification of Standard Polaroid System
The manager agreed to let me do research on his equipment to produce a forge proof form of ID using modifications of the standard Polaroid System which created scenic ID; using embossing and holographic images (prior to computer technology) The State of Arizona currently uses something similar to this.
Don Mixon Statements He
Steals From Customers
Over a period of time Don Mixon make statements he and his boss in Dallas routinely defraud customers and can get away with he because of his affiliation with US Postal Inspector. Eventually he impeaches his credability and generally appears to be a career criminal.

US Postal Inspector RG Brown

CHICAGO IL 60699-3255
USPS Group Part Time
Instant Passport Photos
The manger Don Mixon of Instant Passport Photos explaines he needs a part time employee to work in the store while he does sales work. He explains the manager in Dallas, Texas a Leroy Armstrong and Instant Passport Photos are owned and operated by the intelligence community and this particular operation is operated through the US Postal Inspector R Brown. The purpose of the operation is to produce phony identification for alleged criminals and keep an archive copy of what is made for the intelligence and law enforcement community

City of San Antonio Police Dept

315 South Santa Rosa
San Antonio, TX 78205
Don Mixon Has Me Arrested
By San Antonio Police Department-Charges Are Dropped
Mr. Mixon apparently filed a complaint with San Antonio Police Department for allegedly stealing a camera from his store. Detectives Castro and Jacobs and Lt Dan Jennings put me in jail and when they discover the research in progress on forge proof ID fax the data to every member of the Intelligence Community they can think of. The charges of bugulary are dropped in a few weeks. Probably as a result of the police department investigating Instant Passport Photo....

Federal Bureau of Investigations

5740 University Heights Blvd,
San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: (210) 225-6741
Subsequent Meeting With Special Agent
Paul Hosslocker of FBI
I met with Special Agent Paul Hosslocker of the San Antonio, FBI and briefly explained the research being done at IPP and that some of the materials and technology created were deterimental to the national security interest of the US and suggested the matters be quashed and classified.

2 Men in dark suit physically picked up Detective Jacobs in the Alamo Plaza later as he protested I am a police officer. They said yes we know and away he went to be engaged in more appropriate activities.
Example of Scenic ID