Support for Homeland Security
Proposals For Homeland
Security Type Programs 1993

The Interstate Study Agreement 1989 was upgraded in 1993 as many of the groups and organizations who worked in national social services studies began transition over to formation of interstate and regional programs emergency management studies.

Office of The Governor

The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001
June 20th, 1995

Mr. Chris Walters
480 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Dear Chris:
Thank you for your recent letter and computerized reference book. Your work is much appreciated in light of Florida's history of severe weather incidents and continued vulnerability to future events.

I am forwarding the information you sent to Mr. Joe Myers, Director of the Division of Emergency Management, Department of Community Affairs, for his review, Mr. Myers is a nationally recognized leader in his field and has worked diligently to enhance our emergency management efforts.

I appreciate your work and dedication to the citizens of our state, and good luck to you in your ongoing work in this field.

With kind regards, I am Sincerely
cc: Mr. Joe Myers, Director,
Division of Emergency

Office Of The Director

Governor's Office of Emergency Services
2800 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832
June 7, 1994

Chris Walters
C/O American Red Cross
Modesto, California 95354

Dear Ms. Walters:

Thank you for your April 15, 1994 letter to Governor Wilson providing a revised Computerized Homeless Assistance Program (CHAPS) national directory. We have reviewed the information and find it very informative for those people working in the fileds of social services and housing.

Thank you again for all your hard work on revising this information.

Richard Andrews, Ph. D.

Cc: DOI: GovCorr: Walters JP

Interstate Agreements For Study Protocols

Governor Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson, Governor
State of California
Governor's Office
Sacramento, 95814

Janurary 23, 1993

Mr. Chris Walters
PO Box 1475
Rockport, TX 78381

Dear Mr. Walters:

Many thanks for providing a copy of your comprensive computerized list of emergency and social service providers. I appreciate you delivering this disk to my office for California to benefit from your efforts.

The State Health and Welfare Agency, as well as local social services departments and my own office, receives numerous request for assistance from people unsure of where to turn. Your list will enhance the state's efforts to maintain a complete list of resources available to Californians in need.

In order for your list to receive maxium use, I am forwarding it to the state homeless coordinator in the office of the Secretary at the Health and Welfare Agency.

Again, thank you for sharing your compilation with California. I appreciate your deep concern for the welfare of your fellow citizens and your efforts to assist them.

Sincerely Pete Wilson

Governor of Arizona Fife Symington

Governor of Arizona
Fife Symington
March 9, 1993

Mr. Chris Walters
6747 Spring Branch Road
San Antonio, TX 78249

Dear Mr. Walters:

Thank you for the disk you sent containing the Chaps Emergency and Social Services providers directory.

This directory should prove very useful in our efforts to help Arizonians find the services they need, and I thank you for the complimentary copy.

Best of Luck in your endeavors.

National Emergency Management Directory

Business Office
PO Box 1634
Kerrville, TX 78029-1634
National Emergency Management Directory
$25,000 Capitol Investment

In 1999 an $40,000 inheritance enabled me to form an interstate business to explore the possibilites of desktop publishing & see if any substantial interested in this area of publishing. Dr. Robert Cannon my volunteer instructor from University of Texas School of Social Work suggest I have about 1/3 of the skills I need to earn a living in computer sciences.

1999 Nemd Office

Kerrville, TX

NEMD Business Licenses

1999 Florida State Assume Name Registration

NEMD domain name registration 1999-2001

Only Sales made through 2002

City of Alhambra, CA

Social Security Administration Request Vocational Rehabilitation

US Social Security Adm

1249 S Vinnell Way # 101,
Boise, ID 83709
(208) 321-2900

Admission of Disabilities &
Request for Vocational Training

This is the Social Security Administrations offical request for vocational training made during SSI disability determinations in Feburary 22, 2000 in Idaho

Social Security Administration
Date Feb 22-2000
Claim 261-90-6357

Supplemental Security Income
Notice of Disapproved Claim
Christopher A Walters
c/o Boise Rescue 520 Front Street
Boise,ID 83704

We are writing about your clim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. Based on a review of your health problems, you do not quality for benefits on this claim. This is because you are not disabled under our rules:

Trained Staff Reviewed Your Case and Made These Decisions. They work for your State, but used our rules. The determination on your claim was made by an agency of the State. It was not made by your own doctor or by any other agency's written report about you. However, any evidence they gave us was used in making this determination. Doctors and other people in the State agency who are trained in disability evaluation reviewed the evidence and made the determinatio based on Social Security law and regulations.

The Decision on Christopher A. Walters' Case** The following reports were used to decide your claim (16 of 100 medical sources)Birmingham Health Care for Homelss response received Salvation Army Hospital & Health Clinic Cooper Green Hospital Good Shephered Hospital El Rio Clinic Douglas Community Hospital Columbia Community Hospital Columbia Capital Medical Center Cowlitz Family Health Center Mercy Medical Center Brackenridge Hospital Kaweah Delta Hospital Helping Hands Clinic Shands Clinic Munroe Regional Medical Center Lakeland Reg Med Ctr Doug Wright, MD.

We have determined that your condition is not severe enough to keep you from working. We considered the medical and other information your age, education, training, and work experience inn determining how your condition affects your ability work to work:

You said you are disabled due to skin cancer, malignant melanoma, GI disorder, frequent vowel movements, blood clots in the legs and hepatitis. The medical shows that you have a history of these problems.

1. It shows that you have surgical excision of melanoma in the past. There is no evidence of recurrence (**failed to include reports on additional treatment).

2. It shows that you have been treated for intestinal problems with frequent bowel movements.

3. You do have a mild edema and varicosities in your lower extremities, but no ulcerations.

4. You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

5. You should also have access to restroom facilities.

Upon recent examination, your chest is clear. Your heart rate is regular. There is not evidence of masses or abdominal tenderness. Your weight is stable. The evidence does not show severe neurological deficits. You are able to walk and move about independently. Based on the objective medical finding your condition is not of the severity that would prevent you from doing all types of work. Although you have no past substantial work, you should have the capacity to preform a wide range of other work within your limitations. Thus, your cliam is denied.>>>>... Continues on standardized form information.

US Social Security Adm

1249 S Vinnell Way # 101,
Boise, ID 83709
(208) 321-2900

Citation of Authority
Vocational & Training Activities
Title 17 USC 107 Fairuse Exception

This is an educational and vocational training activity involving academic research as defined by Title 17 USC Sec. 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use under exclusive authorization of 15 States via Interstate Study Authorzations (1986)

Citation of Authority
False Arrest Is Federal Crime
Title 18 USC 913 Impersonator making arrest...

Title 18 USC 913 Whoever falsely represents himself to be an officer, agent, or employee of the United States, and in such assumed character arrests or detains any person or in any manner searches the person, buildings, or other property of any person, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both

Academic Goals Defined

Dr. Robert Canon
University of Texas
School Of Social Work
1 University Station D3500
Austin, Texas 78712-0358
(512) 471-9653
Academic Goals Defined
By UT System Analyst

Dr. Robert Canon a system analyst at the University of Texas School of Social Work has volunteered his expertise in computer sciences to recommend and implement this computer sciences studies course.


File Manipulation Studies
With Irfanview

The Study of File Manipulation was supervised by Dan Messmer using Irvanview and several other file and image manipulation technologies. Gif Worksan on line file editor has some interesting applications

Dan Messmer
Volunteer Instructor
137 Columbine Drive, Apt 318
Winston Salem,NC 27106

Practice Study Groups


Hairbook Voc Rehab 2 This project involves research in use of various image files on a website. A very extensive study of how to create animated gif files takes place-however control of gif sizes is very poor. The website was very popular and visited over a million times despite having been hacked numerous time by various 3rd parties.

Medical Reports

On Line Medical Records

On Line Medical Records I am frequently asked to produce medical document or records for an unending line of social workers, bureaucrats; and.... This website saves a fortune in paper alone by just giving interested parties medical records.