Hennepin County Hospital

Dr. Annetta Blosch
701 Park Ave Room 5.723
Minneapolis, MN
Chronic Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis
160 Doctors Took 5 Years to Prescribe 1 Pill Day Cure
From 1999 it took 160 doctors 5 years to prescribe 1 pill a day to cure blood clots; after over 25 hospitalizations; many ER visits Dr. Patel resolved the problem Dr. Patel of Alamance Regional Hospital in Burlington NC prescribed Xarelto and saved Medicaid a ton of money:

1. Doctors 1-32 (2002-2005) Dr. Eric Strandberg of US Health Works explained on 10-25-2005 nobody ever did an "Echo Cardiogram" or other specific test to exactly define the problem.

2. Doctors 33-45 (2005-2008) Ongoing treatment of DVT; edema, and other leg problems

3. Doctors 46-70 (1-2009/July, 2011) While being hospitalized for 8 days Doctors at Baptist Medical Center diagnoses "deep vein thrombosis".

4. Doctors 71-96 (8-2010/March 2011) Are prescribing $6,000 a month in blood thinners which causes allergic reaction and respiratory arrest.

5. Doctors 97-118 (March-2011/June 2011) More Treatment for DTV

6. Doctors 119-150 More treatment DVT June, 2011-April, 2012

7. Doctors 151-168 More treatment DVT December,2013-

8. Doctors 169-202 More treatment DVT 3-2019

Primary Care Physicians
Primary Care Physicians & ER Visits
2015-2016-Pending Assisted Living
Link to Primary Care Physicians #1 and Link to Primary Care Physicians #2 and Recommendations for assisted living

Dr. Dennis R McGee
Orthopedic Surgeon
St. Alphonsus Joint and Hip Reconstruction
6165 Emerald St,
Boise, ID 83704
Phone: (208) 377-0777

Dr. Stanley Waters
Orthopedic Surgeon
Address: 1673 Shoreline Dr #100,
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 322-0485

Referral to Dr. Davic Allmacher

Orthopedic Surgeon
900 N Orange
Missoula MT
(406) 728-1563
Moderate Osteoarthritis
Hip, Knees, & Shoulder
Dr. Dennis R McGee (2016) completed study of left hip and recommended surgery to replace hip at some time in the future. Dr. Shannon Servin diagnosis chronic osterporisis and recommended surgery on both knees in 2012. Dr David Allmacher 10-2-2012 explained it is best to let the moderate osteoarthritis progress until the bone rots out and it requires surgery.

Dr. David Schmitz Md

Family Practice Medical Center
777 N Raymond St.
Boise, ID 83704

Dr. Timothy Ruth-PCP

St. Luke's Family Medicine-Boise
701 E. Parkcenter BLVD
Boise, ID 83706

Samuel S Gibson MD

Digestive Health Clinic LLC
6259 W Emerald Street
Boise, IDaho 83704
45 Doctors Took 13 Years
To Complete Upper Lower GI Procedure
Loss of Bowel Control 45 some doctors prescribed endoscopic exam which might be caused by chronic Staphylococcus Aureus poisioning or other causes. As Dr. Eric Strandberg of US Health Works explained on 10-25-2005 in 7 years nobody ever did a "colonoscopy" or other specific test to exactly define the problem. Doctors at Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas completed an upper and lower GI series in Feburary, 2009 and found polyps in colon and hernia in stomach and recommended lower GI exam be repeated. Dr. David Schmitz/Dr. Gibson completed upper and lower GI procedure in September, 2010

1. Doctors #1-24 through 8-2003

2. Doctors #25-48 through 2006

3. Doctors #49-72 through 2011

Rogue Regional Medical Center

Dr EE Lin Wan MD
2650 Siskiyou Blvd,
Medford, OR 97504

Dr James Robertson

Central Heath Com
1901 Tate Springs Rd,
Lynchburg, VA 24501
138 Doctors Treat Chronic Infections
Possible Exotic Bacteria?
120 Doctors prescribed over 100 doses of antibiotics for 20 years which were ineffective at treatment of C.Diff until and MRSA until 6/2014 when I was hospitalized at Marion Community Heatlh for blood poisioning- Massive doses of antibiotic for 10 days temporarily solve problem. The exact species of bacteria has not been cultured:

1. Link Doctors 1-20 treatment chronic infections through 12-2000

2. Link Doctors 21-53 treatment chronic infections through 12-2003

3. Link Doctors 54-89 treatment chronic infections through through 10-2006

4. Link Doctors 89-117 treatment chronic infections

5. Link Doctors 118-142 treatment chronic infections

Dr. Shaun Harper

Cascade Heart
200 NE Mother Joseph Place. Suite 400.
Vancouver, WA 98664. (360) 256-2640

Dr John Salkes
Department of Emergency Medicine
Banner University of Arizona Hospital
1501 Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 626-6312

Dr Deborah Hughes MD

Oregon Heart Center
610 Hawthorne Ave SE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: (503) 814-4440
FAX: (503) 814-4444
Dr Deborah Hughes, MD
Salem General Hospital Cardiac Conversion AFIB
1. Question CHF Echo cardiograms and other reports

Northwest Texas Healthcare System

1501 S. Coulter
Amarillo, TX 79106
NW Texas Hospital Finds Gallstones
Banner UA Hospital Finds Early Stage Liver Cancer?
During a visit to NW Texas Health Care Systems the hospital did a CAT Scan and the attending physician explained I have gallstones and will require surgery. Also noted blood pressure very low 85/58? 2017 CAT Scan states gallbladder mummified. Doctors #1-3

Mark Rasmus, MD

Sleep Center
7272 W. Potomac Drive
Boise, ID 83704
Diagnosis Severe Sleep Apnea
Sleep Study This is a referral for sleep study made by Kindred Health Care base on finding by Spokane Dr. Parker that I need to be on Oxygen.

Government Accounting Office
10 Doctors Require 5 Years
to preform 10 minute surgery?
10 Doctors took 5 years to do 10 minute surgery for cancer and several more have advised to stay out of sun and reevaluate possible tumor. A more accurate description would be that it took 50 bureaucrats 5 years to provide the funding for the doctors work.

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Blood Work
Vampire Ladies Do Blood Work
Blood Work The story is a big machine in the back room reads blood; you and I know the vampire ladies are in the back hanging from ceiling do routine blood evaluation

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When In Doubt Punt
Advanced Medical Directive
For Medical Provider and Family Med History
Family Medical History created by Ms. Doris Kunzler a retired medical transcriber from VA Hospital