Rep Bob Goodlatte

House Judiciary Committee
10 Franklin Road, SE
Roanoke, VA 24011

Congressman Jim Jordan

Subcommittee On HealthCare
1524 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Chairman Jason Chaffetz

House Oversight Committee
2157 Rayburn HOB
Washington,DC 20515
Exhibit C Submitted As Evidence And
Testimony To Congress-Exclusive Jurisdiction
You are looking at part of Exhibit C a United States source document submitted as Evidence and Testimony to the several committees of the United States Congress since 1986. The survey data is occassionally used for creation of federal statutes; considering possible improvements in operation of federal programs; and study of operational field impediments. Because of the Separation of Powers found in US Constitution and various Rules of Congress it not possible to serve summons, subponeas; or other court process on Capitol Hill and persons attempting to can be detained and arrested by Capitol Police or otherwise sanctioned. Obviously the only legal reviews which can occur would require permission of the Chairman of a Congressional Committee reviewing the matters at public hearings
Standing US Court ORDERS
And Black Letter Law
Beginning in 1997 the Social Security Administration issued an Executive ORDER or Fia before a USDC, WDT link restricting legal discussions to places and times authorized by statute and have successfully defended their statutory rights from a over 500 challenges A small host of poor bastards who appear to have challenged the Sovereign rights of the Social Security Administration or Congress appear to have been thrown down the political 5 ton wood chipper and the confirmed kill list appears to include at least 1 or 2 federal judges; maybe a couple of cabinet level officers; a bunch of US Attorneys and a many more lesser persons. Whispered in the background are the strange, sacred, and holy legal incantations muttered by federal officials including Title 18 USC 402 Contempt; Title 18 USC 1509 Obstruction Court Order; tampering with federal agency, Contempt of Congress...

US Senator Chuck Grassley

Committee On Juriciary
433 Russell SOB
Wahsington, D.C. 20510

US Senator Ron Johnson

Chairman Senate Oversight
340 Dirksen SOB
Washington, DC, 20510

Congressman Mike Thompson

Ways and Means Committee
2300 County Center Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Government Accounting Office
Family History 100% Mortality
Table of Contents 1997-2020
1. Family Medical History

2. Exhibits #3-6 Various Providers 1994-1997 Remove Tumor From Groin/Melanoma From Neck

3. Exhibits #10-13 Various Providers-1997 stay out of sun

4. Exhibits #14-17 Various Providers polyps in colon

5. Exhibits #18-20 Probable Kidney Cancer 2020

Government Accounting Office
10 Doctors Require 5 Years
to preform 10 minute surgery?
Why it took 9 doctors 5 years to get around to doing a 10 minute operation to cut a tumor from my clients groin so he could bend over again? It can only be estimated that it cost $11,000 a year to support my client through taxes, donations to social service agencies, and other sources.

Exhibits #3-6 Various Providers 1994-1997
Remove Tumor From Groin/Melanoma From Neck

Dr. Janelli
Dr. Janelli Surgial Lance
Exhibit #1

Dr. Janelli-1995(?)
City: Roseburg, Oregon
Procedure: Unsuccessful surgical lance.

Dr. Vivian
Dr. Vivian Surgial Lance
Exhibit #2
Dr. Vivian-
Source: El Rio Clinic
Address: 839 W Congress St
City -State Tucson,AZ 85745
Phone: (520) 670-3909
Dated Seen: 1996?
Procedure: unsuccessful surgical lance.

Nurse Jane Rhoden
Helping Hands Declines Referral
Exhibit #3
ARNP Nurse Jane Rhoden
Helping Hands Website
Clinic: Helping Hands Source
Address: 639 E University Ave
City -State Gainesville, Fl
Phone: (352-376-1743)
Comment: Declined to refer 2 occassions

Dr. Robert Duran

Live Oak Health Partners
1320 Wonder World Drive, Suite 101
San Marcos, TX
Dr. Dural Suggest Sonar
Exhibit #4
Surgeon Dr. Robert Duran
Address: 1305 Wonder World Dr # 300
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 396-7300
Treatement: Wanted ultrasound test prior to
operation and local homeless shelter
declined extension because I could
not preform free labor.

Dr. Williams
NeighborHood health Services
710 West Orange Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 576-4073
Dr. Williams Can't Be
Bothered-Master #5
5. Dr. Williams
Source: Neighborhood Health Services
710 West Orange Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 576-4073
Dated Seen: 1997
Diagnosis Noted Melonoma on neck couldn't be bothered with tumor in groin
Treatment: Referral for surgery Comment No way to pay for procedure

Dr. Harris
Dr. Harris Silver Nitrate
Master #6
Resident Doctor Harris
Source: Cooper Green Hospital
Address: 2130 11th Ave N
City,State: Birmingham,Al
Phone: (205) 934-2330 FAX 205) 934-8724
Patient# 328587
Dated Seen: 5/13/1997
Diagnosis: Melanoma in neck & tumor in groin
Treatment: Biopsy and infusion of silver nitrate
Comment Shelter refused to grant extension after medical procedure begun.

Nurse Mc Carthy
Can You Deny Chris
Treatment for Cancer?-Master #7
Local homeless shelter states doctors from Birmingham were calling and asking to have me denied treatment for cancer.

Nurse Mccarty
Source: Greater Meridian Health Source
Address: 2700 6th Street
City,State: Meridian, MS 39301
Phone: (601-693-6638)
Patient# Chart #18325A
Dated Seen: 5/1997
Diagnosis: Malignant Melanoma
Treatment: Attempted referral for surgery in Jackson,MS
Comment: I appreciate the attempts to referral me to Jackson,MS however the shelter is in an area occupied by gangs and has a high homocide rate.Referral not feasiable.

Dr. Foster
Local Shelter Tells
Dr. Foster No-Exhibit #8
Dr. Foster
Source: Good Shepherd Medical Center
Address: 700 E Marshal Ave Longview, TX 756
City,State: Longview, TX 756
Phone: (903-263-2000)
Patient# 30103832 S 245636
Dated Seen: 5/19/97
Diagnosis Melanoma-referral to Treatment:
Surgery scheduled for local surgeon Dr Bird
700 E Marshal,
Longview, TX
Comment: Local shelter told Doctor
to drop dead and refused
extension for 1 day

Dr. Foster
Local Shelter Tells
Dr. Foster No-Exhibit #8
Debra McKeever-Social Worker
Source: Smith County Indigent Health Care
Address: PO Box 7000
City,State: Tyler, TX 75711-7000
Phone: 903) 526-4405
Patient# 9705537
Dated Seen: 5/21/97
Diagnosis Melanoma
Treatment: Approved payment for surgery
Comment Excellent

Dr. Donald Steph
Dr. Donald Stelph Removes
2 Tumors Master #9
10. Dr. Donald Steph
Source: Dr. Donal W Steph
Address: 1015 E Idel
City,State: Tyler,TX 75701
Phone: 903) 597-1132
Patient# 9705537
Dated Seen: 5/21/97
Diagnosis: Melanoma in situs in neck-tumor in groin
Treatment: 2 surgeries successful removed tumors
Comment: Made referral to Dr Fleisher for treatment of GI problems.

Surgery for Melanoma & tumor

Exhibits #10-13 Various Providers-1997

Dr. Posey
Dr. Posey-Stay
Out of Sun-Exhibit #10
Name Doctor: Dr. Posey
Source: DCH Regional Medical Center
Address: 809 University Blvd E
City,State: Tuscaloosa, Al
Phone: 205-759-7111)
Patient# D011660057
Dated Seen: 7/5/97
Diagnosis Skin cancers
Treatment: Prescribed "stay out of sun"

Denial of Insurance
Denial of Medical Insurance
Exhibit #11
Denial of Medical Insurance:
Starmark Marketing and Administration Inc.
Feburary 17, 1999
400 Field Drive
Lake Forest, IL 60045-2500

Denial of Medical Insurance:
March 29,1999
Blue Cross & Sheild of Texas
PO Box 655730
Dallas, TX 75265-5730

Dr. Gay Evans
El Rio Clinic
Prescribed Colon Exam-Master #13
Name Doctor: Dr. Gay Evans
Source: El Rio Clinic
Address: 839 W Congress St
City -State Tucson,AZ 85745
Phone: (520) 670-3909
Dated Seen: 12/12/97
Diagnosis: Melanomas
Treatment: Froze what was believed to be precancerous lesions and prescribed GI exam...
Comment Shelter declined extension for completion of medical work

Dr. Brad Young
Dr. Brad Young
Stay Out of Sun-Exhibit #15
Dr. Brad Young PA-C
Clinic: San Joaquin General Hospital
Address: 500 W Hospital Rd,
French Camp, CA 95231
Phone: Phone: (209) 468-6137)
Phone: (209-468-6600)
Comments: Avoid exposure to sun; Avoid physical contact with others

Dr. Tamara Steward
Dr. Tamara Steward
Examines Lesions-Exhibits #16
Dr.Tamara Stewart
Hospital: Providence Hospital Medford
1111 Crater Lake Ave.
Medford, OR 97504
Date: 10-17-2002
Diagnosis: Dr. Stewart asked if recurrent infectious sites on scalp could be cancerous lesions and suggested a biopsy. She made a referral to a primary care physician.
Comment: The physician she recommended is 10 miles away in White City and none of the local social service agencies have the means to provide transporation.

Dr. Evans-AZ Disability Determination

Setaside by Homeless Shelter

Dr. Evans-AZ Disability Determination

Setaside by Homeless Shelter

Exhibits #14-17 Various Providers

Press On Image To Enlarge

Baptist Medical Center
111 Dallas Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Baptist Hospital San Antonio,TX
2009 Polyps In Colon

Press On Image to Enlarge

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
1055 No. Curtis Road
Boise, Idaho 83706
Main Phone: 208-367-2121
GI Exam Polyps In Colon
Some Bleeding

Press On Image To Enlarge

Amiodarone Weblink
Amiodarone Can Cause
Cancer in Patients/Exposed 2020

Exhibits #18-20 Probable Kidney Cancer 2020

Dr Katherine F Ready

Peace Health Riverbend
SHMC - Emergency Department
PO Box 5920
Eugene, OR 97405
Peace Health Riverbend Finds
Benign Cyst in Left Kidney-3/8/2020

Community Hospital of Huntington Park

Dr Kamel
2623 Slauson Ave
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 583-1931
CHHP Finds Renal Cancer Wants
To LCA-SMC University Hospital For Surgery
Admitted to Community Hospital of Huntington Park 8-3-2020 and medical authorities performed
1. 2 CAT Scans

2. 2 Sonar studies

3. This LinkA Week In Hospital No Medical Records

Community Hospital of Huntington Park

Dr Kamel
2623 Slauson Ave
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 583-1931

Community Hospital of Huntington Park

Dr Kamel
2623 Slauson Ave
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 583-1931
Kidney Removal Procedure

Press On Image To Enlarge

2051 Marengo Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
LAC Diagnosis Renal Cancer
Liver Damage 8-9-2020