The Salvation Army Harbor of Hope

Major Mark and Hichelle Thielenhaus
622 N Sacramento Street
Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 369-5896

PATH Shelter

Jennifer Hark Dietz, LCSWCEO
816 Cacique Sreet
Santa Barbara, CA 93458
(805) 884-8481
Model Shelter Network-
Operates Throughout California

Samaritan Ministries

Jan Kelly, Executive Director
414 E. Northwest Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Fax (336)748-8207
Samaritan Ministries-Presidential Citation
The Samaritan Ministries received a well deserved Presidential Citation for excellent services to the community and it's clients. Case management and a stay time long enough for most clients to help themselves; clean; and well run with case management makes this a well funded professional facility.

I Examples Of Model Facilities

Wayne Huizenga Family Campus

Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Inc.
Frances Esposito CEO
920 Northwest 7th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311-7229
Wayne Huizenga Campus
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Wayne Huizenga Campus was created through a generous donation by Mr. Wayne Huizenga Foundation-owner of the Miami Dolphina & Blockbuster Video. The facility resembles a major hotel with indoor courtyard and fountain and could be considered a model facility and has a unique relationship with the Fort Lauderdale Police DepartmentPersons seeking shelter must apply at the Police Department after 5PM and after an NCIC check successful canidates are taken in a patrol car to the Wayne Huizenga Campus-where they walk in through metal detector. Clients may have several day wait until processed in by case managers into a program meeting their particular needs and are given guest ID which permits them to enter and leave the facility at will. The shelter has a variety of programs in house covering different needs Clients can stay up to 60 days with extensions possible as merited.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Heather Engle CEO
Director Ed Compton (Retired)
480 W Bonanza Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89106-3227
Phone: (702) 382-1766
Fax: (702) 474-7535
Las Vegas Rescue Mission
Pays $200,000 Salary To Clients
This link The policy suggested is that clients who are employable must seek long term gainful employment The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is a model for long term employment which in 1993 reported paying clients $200,000 in salary. The Las Vegas Rescue Mission has a job contractor on site who employies only clients of the Mission at special jobs such as the Basketball Arena or Convention Center. Clients who work cannot participate in this program if they drink or drug and must place their monies in a join Savings Account with the Rescue Mission. The program requires clients to save a given precentage of their income towards their graduation from the program or securing outside employment.

River Of Life/Bosie Rescue Mission

Pastor Bill Roscoe President and CEO
Jean Lockhart Chief Operating Officer
575 South 13th Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-389-9840
Fax: 208-389-9773
River of Life Well Suited In
Residential Neighborhood

Union Gospel Mission of Salem Men's Mission

Dan Clem Executive Director
Steven Hanson Director Of Operations
777 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 967-6388

Union Gospel Mission
Inland Northwest
Phil Altmeyer Executive Director
Dean Bitz Director of Operations
Steve Ellisen Director of Development
1224 E Trent Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
(509) 535-8510
Outstanding Case Management
Team Player In Residential Neighborhood

Iron County Care Share

Interim Executive Director James Jetton
Sierra Waters Operations Director
Address: 222 W 900 N,
Cedar City, UT 84721
Small Town Shelter Serving
Southern Utah-Excellent Services

United Methodist Outreach

Jackson Fonder Chief Executive Officer
3333 E Van Buren St
Phoenix, Arizona 85008
FAX (602)275-6548
UMOM'S-Phoenix, AZ
Motel Become Transitional Housing
United Methodist Outreach is an organization which took a former hotel and turned it into a transitional housing unit which provides services to help familities(PDF File) rejoin society. Located several miles from downtown Phoenix the facility is surrounded by a high iron fence with single access entrance manned by "security". Has individual rooms for families; laundry; kitchen facilities and requires clients to participate in programs.

Highway 80 Rescue Mission

Brian Livingston Executive Director
Chase Rodgers Director of Longview Ministries
3123 W Marshall
Longview, TX 75602
FAX 903.297.6904

II Cargo Containers To Be Used As Low Income Housing
As Stepping Stone to Higher Level Services?

From Organics

Online Publication
What are some of the possible advantages of using shipping containers for low income housing? There are millions of them; they can be converted into housing; they are cheaper than traditional housing and are practically indestructible: An interesting article reviews some of the options online This Link

From Organics

Online Publication

From Organics

Online Publication

From Organics

Online Publication

From Organics

Online Publication

Container Home Plans
Online Publication

Containr Home Plans
Online Publication

Container Home Plans
Online Publication

III National Policy Relating to Title 42 USC 11301 Homeless Act

President George Bush Sr

The Whitehouse
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington,D.C. 20500

Presidential Commendations
Thousand Points of Light Program

The President George Bush Sr created the "Thousands Points of Light Program" which encouraged volunteer networks to address serious social problems of the 1990's. These are examples of model facilities located during the The National Survey of Social Services from (1986-1996)

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

451 7th Street S.W.,
Washington, DC 20410
(202) 708-1112
City Master Plans
Guest Programs & Contracts
This is a Guest Program or Generic City Master plan drafted for the City of San Antonio, Texas. The system is designed to prevent clients from shelter hopping; attempting to hang on to the service structure and instead seeks clients to identify their individual needs and sign a Legally Binding Contract or individualized case plan which specifically lists rights and responsibilities

United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

Jeff Olivet Executive Director
Katie Jennings Policy Director
250 E Street SW, Suite 3100
Washington, D.C. 20024
Federal Statutes Created By
The Auditing Process
During the course of field audits of various facilities it was possible to assist in the creation of several federal statutes which include:

1. Title 42 USC 11301 Homeless Act 1986

2. Community Service Block Grants case management of clients

3. Title & USC 2011Food Stamps for Homeless

4. Welfare Reform Act of 1996

US Senator Mark O Hatfield

Proposes Amendment CSBG

US Edward M Kennedy

Co Sponsored Proposes Amendment CSBG

US John Glen

Co Sponsored Proposes Amendment CSBG
The Honorable Mark Hatfield
Washington, D.C. 20510-10AM
Western Union Mailgram
1-128754U070004 03/10/88 ICS WA16612 SOTA
02873 MLTN VA 03/10/88 JN15212

Chris Walters
722 I Street
Modesto, CA 95354
Thank you for your most recent correspondence regarding the homeless. I greatly appreciate your list of shelters on the West Coast Corridor which currently offer work placement services. When the Senate considered the urgent relief for the Homeless Act I added an amendment which would provide for case management to track and assist the homeless in obtaining comprehensive services, including job training. It is likely that this matter will come up during debate on welfare reform. Your interest and compassion are to commended.

Kind Regards
09134 18:02 EST

Associated Press Homepage
Transient Surveys Shelters
Sunday, November 20th, 1988
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Associated Press
MEDFORD, ORE- In his wandering from San Diego to Seattle Chris Walters has surveyed homeless shelters and developed ideas about how to make them better.

"I'm not doing just a survey" says Walters from a phone
booth in Stockton, California."I live there. I'm a homeless person too."

James Harris, Manager of Oregon's Homeless Program, says Walters has provided information about the needs and movements of the homeless and transients on the I-5 Corridor - information that officials wouldn't get otherwise

"I think he's doing a public service".

Walters said he worked in security for 10 years as a clerk in a bank in Florida before hitting the road. After a six month stint as a motel clerk in 1986, he was back on the road again. "If you were looking at me, you couldn't tell I was homeless." He said on the telephone."You would assume I worked in a bank or something. The only thing that would give me away would be my disintegrating tennis shoes."

His office is a notebook he carried in a small duffle bag along with a change of clothes and a few personal items.

In His travels he distributes his reports on homeless shelters
to city managers, county supervisors, social-service
departments, Congressmen, Senators, Libraries, and Newspapers

He applauds a decision in California to open National Guard Armories as shelters on cold nights and would like to see other states do the same. "It keeps people from freezing to death, " he said. Walters ranks Oregon first in the West in helping homeless men to go back to work, followed by Nevada, Arizona, Washington, and California.

He said the short time a person can stay in a shelter makes it harder for him or her to settle down and get a job. "When a homeless person is in Medford and his five days are up, he's not going to starve to death or freeze to death at night,"

Walters said, "He's going to go north to Roseburg or south to Redding. Most homeless move around because the homeless system is set up to encourage them to move around. He would like to see shelters allow one 30 day stay a year, so people can get a job and start a life for themselves.

IV National Competition For Model Shelter Program
Standardized-On Site Inspection Report

HUD Inspector General

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street S.W.,
Washington, DC 20410
(202) 708-1112
On Site Inspection Reports
Have a "Mystery guest" visit the facility on several different night without explaining why you are there and simply be one of the guest and watch how things work. Complete the form when you are finished and give it to the party requesting the audit: Are generally self explanatory questions which require yes or no answer.

Name of Shelter_______________________________




Wayne Huizenga Family Campus

Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Inc.
920 Northwest 7th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311-7229
Client Check In Process
A profesional shelter operator should be able to check in clients within 20 minutes of when they arrive and avoid having embarassing themselves by having clients in bed or in line to get into a bed at 3:30PM

1. Does the community require shelter applicants to clear an NCIC background check for felony wants and warrants if shelter houses women and children:


2. Did you check in after 5:30 PM?


3. Were you asked to produce identification to receive services?


4. Does The Shelter require clients to be sober to receive services?


5. Does The Shelter require you to turn in your, weapons and realize seizure of medications is a federal offense?


6. Did shelter provide place for you to store your gear and provide a receipt and accept legal responsibility for anything which is stolen?


US Department of Agriculture

1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250
USDA Programs
Audits of USDA programs found such many abuses of USDA programs such as identified in Link 1 Link 2 Link 3: Link 4 Link 5. So we ask you what is the quality of the food and could a homeless person preform a hard days work on the meals provided?

1. Is the food fresh and well prepared?


2. Does the meal avoid having too much starch and sugar or lacks in vitamin C


3. Can you perform a hard days work on meals provided?


US Department Health & Human Services

441 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20548
(202) 512-3000
Public Health &
Hygiene Requirements
The National Survey On Social Services suggested many shelters are unable to pass a simple inspection by the Health Department for public hygiene:

1. Did shelter offer clean clothing or wash old ones?


2. Was the dormitory area free of trash and hazards?


3. Was your bedding clean and free of lice, scabbies, and bed bugs?


4. Was the shower area clean and free from mold in walls or in shower?


Department Of Homeland Security

Washington, DC 20228
Security Requirements
1. Our national audit showed occassional take over of facilities by prison based gangs or Organized criminal interest- Is the shelter free of any obvious signs of being taken over?


2. Is the shelter operated by church or volunteer groups or paid staff as opposed to being operated by homeless persons?


3. Does shelter staff avoid becoming abusive with clients or threatening without provocation?


4 Is The Shelter operated with in it's design and capacity and have a good neighbor policy?


5. Were dangerous animals kept away from where clients are located?


6. Does the shelter have a working agreement with the community for certain minimum acceptable code of behavior for clients, posted as list of requirements, and explain details to clients?


US Postal service
Theft of Mail or Benefits
Our national audit note chronic theft of client mail and benefit checks in some locations:

1. Were you able to receive delivery of US Mail or checks without loss?


Government Accountability Office

441 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20548
(202) 512-3000
National Policy Requirements
The US Congress occassionally creates national policies for communities which receive federal funds.

1. Does the community a have comprehensive master plan which requires providers to work together as a team; make referrals; avoid duplication of services and meet other requirements cited in the Federal Continium of Care Plans?


2. Were clients offered screening, referrals, or counseling to other programs which might include employment, Detox, Mental Health etc...


3. Does the shelter have an employment or job contractor on the property who provides long term gainful employment?


4. Will the shelter operator allow you to long enough to seek employment say 3 months once a year and grant extensions for those having work or make a workable case management referral to transitional shelter?


5. Does the shelter make reasonable accomodations for the elderly and disabled?


Government Accountability Office

441 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20548
(202) 512-3000
Bonus Points/Add 20 Points
Qualification for Transitional Program
If you find that the homeless shelter actually has active and effective transitional program which makes a committment to return clients to society you should add between 10 and 20 points to the total score

HUD Inspector General

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street S.W.,
Washington, DC 20410
(202) 708-1112
Scoring Report
SCORING: Add 4 points for each yes answer and if excellent in a given category add 5 bonus points. If a problem is extremely serious of life threatening deduct 5 points:

Total Points:_________________________________

Name of Mystery Guest:________________________