Are You Ready To Recieve The Gifts

God Has prepared for Those he Loves?
Announcing The Return Of The King
The Return of the King announces the approach of The King Jesus Christ and HIS MAGESTY to meet his loyal and faithful subects and take them to heaven. Jesus Christ the rightful owner of the Kingdom has tarried his return in Power and Glory to extend to his subjects the excellent quality of HIS grace; mercy; and undying love and benovelence to all peoples on the planet of all races, religions. colors, and creeds.

A Place Called Heaven

Dr Gary Wood
The First Trumpet
The Sign At The End Of The Age
A Place Called Heaven By Dr. Gary Wood
1. A Place Called Heaven Dr. Gary Woods was 18 years old when he and his brother were involved in an accident and was reported dead for 45 minutes while he received a guided tour through Heaven.

2. The Message Sent Back by Jesus is hat the end of the age is approaching as you have heard long before; and have faith a new age of God and Man approaches.

3 It would be wise at the approach of YOUR GOD AND MASTER that the Good and Faithful Servant is not found gathering material wealthy for himself but gathering in spiritual wealth for yourself as those who have gone before you/ So that you to have a greater reward in the next age:

4 Citing the Book of Revelations concerning the 7th Church Age. A Wise servant is found ministering to his Masters Sheep; the less fortunate; elderly, disabled, and needy and ready to receive his Masters Words: Come Into The Kingdom My Good and Faithful Servant"

Gods Beloved Servant?

Begged Forgiveness Past Since of Church
Forgive Your Brother Seventy Times Seven

Pastor Jimmy Swaggart

Fall From Grace
Love For Your Brother?

"Jim Bakker Book

"I Was Wrong"
A New Creature In Christ?
Have You Forgiven Your Brother His Sins?
Will Your Heavenly Father Forgive Your Sins?
1. Not Everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven Your Heavenly Father wishes that all his subject and those in the Kingdom should refraim from finger pointing; backbiting; and failing to Love your Brother as your self and remember that God and God only judges.

2. As you Judge so you shall be Judge. As cited in the Holy Book not even the Archangel Michael when contesting for the body of Moses; darest not bring a railing accusation against the Adversary but said "Let The LORD Rebuke You"; how much more true for you?

3. Many of you have heard that Pope John Paul II begged for forgiveness for all the evil of the Ages done by the Vatican. Have you forgiven your brother seven times seventy?

The Lord Already Knows Your Sins

They Are Recorded In Heaven
Are Your Sins Washed In Blood of The Lamb
And Your Garments Whiter Than Snow?
YOUR LORD AND MASTER the author and Finisher of your faith is not wlling that any should perish but that all should have everlasting life and have it more abudantly.

THE KING would have all subjects search themselves and souls; make Peace with your maker; and Make Straight The Ways of the Lord, have their Robes washed as white of snow in the Blood of the Lamb; have their trangressions thrown into the Sea of Forgetfulness and enter into a one to one relationship with your LORD AND MASTER as cited:

3. Prophet Daniel (Paraphrase) many will shine like the Stars in the firmament and many will rise to eternal shame and contempt.

A Devil Worshiper Constucted The Bible?

Emperor Constantine Pontus Maximus
272-372 Ad Rome
Beware of False Prophets
The Devil Comes To Kill Steal and Destroy
A life long pagan; devil worshiper; and worshipper of the Sun God decided what should and should not be in the Bible?

1. The Evil One and his servants have already caused great injury to the cause of Jesus Christ-through false teaching and doctrines

2. Have You Met The Bible Liars-The Antichrist Are Among US include modern Day Sadducees, Pharacees, and Teachers of The Law

3. Works Of Church of Satan "Christian" Ministries operated without "Christians" with convict labor and operating God"s House as multibillion dollar industry

4. Study 2nd Daniel many recent events have more than a passing resemblance to the Wrath Of God discussed in the Book of Revelations just before the 2nd Coming Of Jesus Christ.

Cross of Christ
Is Your Ministry Based On Christian Doctrines?
1. Model Christian programs a few examples

2. Christian Values & nobility based on service to others

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The Walters In Service To God and 2 Countries
Prepared By Chris Walters Retired
Walters Family History 1066-2020