Former Chairman of Regents Bill Gates

Microsoft Corporation
Redmonds, Washington

Deputy Chief Kimerer

610 Fifth Avenue,
P.O. Box 34986
Seattle, WA 98124-4986

The Friendly Terrorist At University of Washington?
& Associated Terrorist Activities In Washington State

The young Islamic man is sitting behind me in the main library explaining to his girlfriend that he has nothing against me personally but has an edict execute me. I always appreciate a friendly heads up that someone thinks we have a problem and I should go elsewhere.The University of Washington was also the source of a major antiwar march which caught the attention of the Bush Administration who cut the Medical School's funding by a billion dollars or so.. On 9-28-2006 while visiting UW Libraries we completed this report with a lycos website password being stolen My general impression was that this campus was not overly friendly to the cause of "Homeland Security" so I went elsewhere The electronic warefare attacks are similar to those occuring in Triad In North Carolina which is Islamic terrorist base operations.

Osama Bin Laden

Former CIA Employee?
Al Queda Butte Buddies University of Washington?

Computer Hack & Website Blocks Work Source Offices 2005

Commissioner Karen Lee

Washington State Employment
Security Department
Olympia, WA
Exhibit #1 Jackass Junction 2006
The Work Force Office located at the Downtown DSHS Office in Seattle, Wa is currently in the habit of resetting their computer network about 9AM each morning when the place is packed with job seekers. After the system does multiple shutdowns most of the clients leave.

Workforce Policy
Exhibit #2 Website Block
On Online Resume
The Work Force Office located at the Downtown DSHS Office in Seattle, Wa and apparently has a webnanny which website blocks geocities as a matter of policy.

Deputy Chief Kimerer

610 Fifth Avenue,
P.O. Box 34986
Seattle, WA 98124-4986

Downtown Emergency Service Center

515 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104 (USA)
(206) 464-1570
FAX: 624-4196
Exhibit #2 Non Profit Addresses Issue
FBI Complaint I0609251927396182
I began working at DESC Job Connection of 9-23-2006 and within 2 days we had multiple website blocks placed on several angelfire websites asking if the community has a history of HUD program problems Within 24 hours the powers that be were able to resolve the problem

Specific Board Members for Personnel Sanctions:
Clark Kimerer ,Deputy ChiefSeattle Police Department;
Laura Inveen Judge, King County Superior Court;
Richard H. Stevenson President & Chief Operating Officer

Computer Hacking at Washington State Employment Office 2005 Seattle, WA
Terrorist Threat At University Washington

Internet Fraud Center
Possible Terrorist Activity-Computer Hacking At
Washington Worksource Office
FBI Complaint October 5th, 2005 # I05100513209585
Where Crime Believed Committed:
Washington Work Source
Belltown Office-YWCA
Contact: Patrice Davis
2024 3rd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
Fax: 206-436-8690
Exhibit #3 Washington State Employment Office
1. Officer Worker At Employment Center (October 5th, 2005) here is asking clients not to use to check their email or checking online resume on which is research and my resume related to homeland security.

2. My resume on computer disc which worked when I entered the office then quit working suggesting it was affected by something in the local network.
Exhibit #4 October 6th, 2005 Computer Hacking
Staff Complains of Chronic Computer Hacking
Events @ Worksource Office
1. 10:00 AM I'm wonder if the Worksource Staff is using network administrative tools and has website blocked the City of Bellevue, American Red Cross, and other websites for varying periods of time.

2. Typewritter dosen't work no ribon

3. 10 AM Fax machine out of order

4. One of the worksource employees is explaining to a visitor that his disc has been damaged while using the computer and his resume can't be recovered.

5. The employee explains that the local office is having ongoing problems and having to call their network services on a regular basis to repair machines.
Exhibit #5 October 7th, 2005
Recommended Use of Deep Freeze

1. One of the computers in the lab reportedly stops working.

2. Met briefly with Worksource Director Patrice Davis who explains the facility shares resources with Renton Technical Collegs which offers extensive courses on network administration and computer programming.

Renton Technical College
3000 NE Fourth Street
Renton, WA 98056-4195
Exhibit #6 October 11th, 2005
Email block
1. The email takes hours to arrive at destination suggesting it is being intercepted or delayed in transmission.
Conclusion Possible Perpetrator
Barring the presence of a computer virus or spyware in the Worksource Office the only way a perpetrator could enter a network and destroy several different persons computer disc and resumes.... is via either network administrator equipment or would have to have extensive skills in computer programming and operations. Typically a lot of computer hacking is associated with computer colleges and universities and it is possible that a student or someone at the Renton Technical College is using computer based links with the Worksource Office to harass the network. I suggested the Worksource office consider using a special program called Deep Freeze to prevent hacking.

Chris Walters,
Appellant Counsel

University of Washington

Suzzallo & Allen Libraries
University Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
(206) 543-0242

Exhibit #7 Stalking Extends UW Campus

The computer hacking eventually extended into Suzzallo & Allen Libraries at University of Washington Campus with apparent stalking by several unknown persons who didn't appear to be college students. Stalking is a very dangerous activity because of the excellent possibility that the stalker's actions and intents can be easily misunderstood leading to the party becoming the recipient of a screw driver in the head.

Partial Endorsement of Programs By University of Washington
Website Blocks by Washington Employment Offices 2005

D. Scott Mah
Assistant Vice President, IT Infrastructure
Computing & Communications
Box 354842
4545 15th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105-4527

UW Considers Putting
Program On Website

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 18:52:37 -0700
From: "Scott Mah"
To: "Chris Walters"

Subject: Re: Question Donation of Portal Program?

thanks. I'm going to review with our office of emergency management to see if this fits somewhere on there Web site. I think it's great to have all of this valuable information in one place -- especially after the disaster strikes. Are you affiliated with UW in any way -- student?

- Scott
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:29:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Library Question -
Answer [Question #1056686]

Hello Chris Walters

Librarian 1: Thank you, Chris, for the explanation. I don't think the Libraries could use such a CD. A website that provided the same information might be something we would link to. To be useful, the CD would have to be updated quite often, and would therefore mean more maintenance for our IT people. The campus web site is overseen by Computing & Communications. You can offer the information to them by using one of the contact points listed on this web page:
Good luck with your project.
Dottie Smith

Deputy Chief Kimerer

610 Fifth Avenue,
P.O. Box 34986
Seattle, WA 98124-4986

Seattle Police Department

610 Fifth Avenue,
P.O. Box 34986
Seattle, WA 98124-4986
Exhibit #7 Terrorist Activity Solicited
By City of Seattle Police Department?
This is a pretty open threat received from the City of Seattle Emergency Management Coordinator which was followed by extensive computer hacking at the Public Library in Winston Salem,NC. Various Islamic related groups around Winston Salem,NC have extensive history of terrorism resulting in sucessful prosecution by US Department of Justice:
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 08:36:25 -0800
From: TJ McDonald
Subject: Question?
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004

I'll start with your site host (Tripod). It looks like they should get rid of the offending directory and establish how someone was able to create it.,

TJ McDonald
Information Technology Coordinator
Seattle Emergency Management
(206) 233-5073

Workforce Policy

Commissioner Karen Lee

Washington State Employment
Security Department
Olympia, WA
Exhibits #8 and #9 Website Block of Geocities
As Matter of State Policy?
The State of Washington Employment Security Division blocked my access to my online resume as a result of a policy decision to block web hosting

1. Block #1 at Olympia,WA

2. Block #2 at Vancouver, WA

Theft of CD-Rom Through US Mail
Exhibit #10 Theft of CD-ROM
Through US Mail
The consortium of low life's and petty politicians who run Washington State appear to have graduated to theft of US Mail as suggested by this return:

From: "Gary L & Pam Bryan"
To: "Chris Walters"
Subject: Re: Did you receive CD-Rom?
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 12:11:47 -0800


I do not recall receiving it.

To which address was it sent?

Gary KG7KU

Website Blocks by Microsoft Corporation
Noted In Fort Collins, Colorado 2005

Internet Fraud Center
Exhibit #11 Complaint On Microsoft Associates
@ Fort Collins Public Library, Colorado
Complaint number: I05100513209585
Addressed too The Honorable William Leone, USA
1225 Seventeenth Street, Suite 700
Seventeenth Street Plaza
Denver, CO 80202
Fax (303-454-0409)

This is a non binding or Amicus Curiae courtesy brief as provided by Title 18 USC 4 Misprision the felon providing information on a possible computer crimes which was seen at the Fort Collins Public Library on 8-30-2005:

1. In the course of providing internet services to the Fort Collins Public Library employees a private firm known as "Secure Computing" which as can be seen from attached Exhibit A committed a fraud to deny a firm based in Boston access to the Fort Collins Public Library by claiming its web server promotes "sex". Extensive Pattern of Past Abuse

2. Reports of extensive abuse by "Secure Computing" products as and N2H2 were used to support creation of the "Anti Spyware Act of 2005" as provided to members of the House Committee on the Judiciary.

3. The products have in the past been found in public libraries in Meridian, MS; Nampa, Idaho, and Bellingham, WA trying to deny public access to quite a variety of private firms including hotmail; geocities, yahoo, Lycos , tripod, and on this occasion

4. The survey on CD-Rom in the 100 megs byte range was serviced on the 107th US Congress:
Discussion On The Merits
This courtesy brief is being provided to City and County officials here in Fort Collins, Colorado to give them and their legal counsel an opportunity to consider the actions and potential civil liabilities of their provider "Secure Computing".

Fort Collins Public Library

201 Peterson Street,
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
(970) 221-6526
Where The Event Was Noted
September 30th, 2005

Secure Computing

Corporate Headquarters
Sales and Marketing
United States
4810 Harwood Road
San Jose, CA 95124-5206
Tel: +1.408.979.6100
Fax: +1.408.979.6501

Alleged Perpetrator-Secure Computing

John McNulty President, Vincent M Schiavo
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Mike Gallagher Mary K Budge
Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President
Product Development Secretary and General Counsel
Mary K. Budge
Smart Filter

Lycos Corporation

General Counsel
100 5th Ave
Waltham, Mass 02451,
Jeremy Abraham Lycos, Inc.
General Counsel
100 5th Avenue
100 Fifth Avenue Waltham, MA 02451
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451
(781) 370-2700
Fax: (781) 466-7000

Alleged Victim-Lycos/Angelfire
Exhibit A

Access Denied by SmartFilter

The following error was encountered: � Access Denied by SmartFilter: Forbidden, this page ( is categorized as: Sex. You can read more about the Fort Collins Public Library's Internet filtering policy at The Proxy prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact SmartFilter if you feel this is incorrect. Search for businesses by name, location, or phone number. -Lycos Yellow Pages

Internet Fraud Center

Exhibit B

Thank You:
Thank you for taking the time to complete a complaint with the IFCC. Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the following information for future contacts with the IFCC

Complaint number: I05100513209585

If you have any additional information to provide to the IFCC please use the following link and log in with the above complaint number and password.