Does Texas State Have Private Nuclear Arsenal?
Private Nuclear Weapon Spotted 1996 San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Fire Department

HAM Radio Station
115 Auditorium Cir,
San Antonio, TX 78205 Phone:(210) 207-8400

Private Nuclear Weapon
Spotted 1996 San Antonio, Texas

We are in a bank vault like safe 3 floors down in the San Antonio Fire Department which is used for emergency communications. The person in charge of the Ham Operations comes into the room and demands to know who gave a visitor permission to use his word processor? Screaming at the top of his voice he explains this is an atomic bomb and I am going to blow this place up if anything is damaged on my computer as he bangs a very heavy sinister frying shaped objection off the counter to emphasis his point. He plugs the object into a cubby hold in the counter but does not mess with the dial or wires on the end of the device. Satisified no damage has occured to his computer he calms down and San Antonio lives to see another day. None of the other fire department personnel in the building who could hear his screaming all the way upstairs came down to tell the man he was delusional or to calm down.

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott

Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

Texans Offers to Seceed From Union
Objection Challenge to Operation Jaded Helm

When Texans aren't busy trying to seceed from the Union. They spend a lot of time challenging federal authority as cited in this article "Following discussions aimed at ensuring Texans are fully informed on Operation Jade Helm 15, Governor Greg Abbott today met with Major General Gerald “Jake” Betty, Commander of the Texas State Guard, and directed him to monitor the Operation. Governor Abbott directed General Betty to provide regular updates to the Governor’s Office to ensure that Texans’ “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed” during the eight-week training period from July 2015 – September 2015.

Medina AFB

San Antonio, TX 78215

Medina AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility
Possible Pilferage of Nuclar Materials

Medina AFB or Lackland Annex was origionally a strategic weapons storage facility just outside of San Antonio, TX. If a private group acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities pilfered material it would likely have come from this facility.

Other Facts In Support of Private Nuclear Arsenal

Minister John Hagee

P.O. Box 1400,
San Antonio, Texas 78295
Phone: 1-800-854-9899

Pastor John Hagee Calls For Nuclear Armeddegon

This link suggest that Pastor John Hagee believes the best way to force the next coming of Jesus is a major nuclear war and proposes to nuke Iran

San Antonio Rescue Mission

907 E Quincy St,
San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: (210) 222-9736

San Antonio Rescue Missions
26 Year Long Nuclear Sermon by Speaker Simpson

For 26 years a guest speaker Mr. Simpson visited the San Antonio Rescue Mission and spoke of his humble beginnings in the Texas Panhandle; his eventual tour of duty in the Navy,and service in the Air Force. Then he would spend about 20 minutes explaining how he used to build nuclear weaspons at the "secret facility" at Kirtland Albuquerque, NM 87123. Why would a visiting minister want to explain for 26 year his career building nuclear weapons-unless maybe he was trying to strike up a conversation with one of the veterans in audience who has similar skills?

Red McCombs

CEO at Koontz McCombs
755 East Mulberry Avenue, Suite 100
San Antonio, Texas 78212

No Money No Bomb

You can't build, maintain,or upgrade nuclear weapons without a lot of money.It is interesting to note that San Antonio Billionaire Red McCombs and associates spent some time time and effort trying to harass and kill the author of this article as suggested by this link Message you snitch us out we putta the his on your ass.

Congessional Audits and Surveys The Study of Operational Impediments
& The Study Of Entrophy In Fluid Systems 1986-2020

US Senator Mark O Hatfield

Chairman Senate Appropriations

Former US Congressman Henry B Gonzalez

Chairman Banking & Urban Affairs Committee
San Antonio,Texas 78205

US Congressman Tony Coelho

House Majority Whip
Modesto, CA 95354
Evidence and Testimony
Submitted to Congress
It seems that many Chairman of Congress believe in the concept of work ethic and if they find you on Capitol Hill or too close to something they are working on will actually have someone volunteered or simply drafted. I-5 Cooridor Agreement origionally on covered portions of California, Oregon, and Washington but was rapidly expanded by the national leadership to include a third of the United States. Congressman Henry B Gonzalez caught me on Capitol Hill about 1988 circulating one of my publications and had me introduced to the HUD Inspector General.. This assignment lasted until about 1993 when the Clinton Administration came into power and replaced me with 2 convicted persons who according to press reports were paid $80,000 a year plus expenses..
1. 1-5 Corridor Agreement study authorizations for surveys in 15 states 1986

2. Directory Model Social Service Agencies

3. Organized Crime Ties to US Dept HUD Confirmed Kills

4. Federal Law CSBG US Senator Mark O Hatfield

5. Welfare Reform Act 1986

6. Food Stamps For Homless Act US Congressman Tony Coelho
7. Audits USDA Programs confirmed kills

8. Audits US Postal Programs confirmed kills

9. Terrorist in Social Services confirmed kills

8. Spyware Act of 2005 2nd Federal Law 2015

9. Emergency Management Authorizations1993-2013

10. Emergency Management Structure 15 States1993-2013

11. Operational Audit Social SecurityExecutive ORDER 1997-2015

US Government Depository

This Link To Citations
By Library Of Congress
& Statutes Passed Into Law

Government Accountability Office

441 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20548

Government Accountability Office

441 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20548
Service Of Process On Congress
Exhibit Page NACertificate of Service On Congress extensive recommendations for Congressional Supercedes

Operational Audits 1997-2016

Press On Image to Enlarge
Finishing Reports
Audits Review Failure in Programs
& Presence of Entrophy
Entrophy the 2nd Thermodymanic Law of the Universe concerns the decay of all organized systems over a period of time. The more complex the system the more entrophy generally present. Government and business often use auditing programs to identify entrophy to increase performance in operations:

Former VP Brady Exber

Vegas Club Hotel & Casino
Chairman Homeless Coalition
Las Vegas, NV 89101
"Mushrooms Grow Best In The Dark" Circa 1993
Who could forget the immortal words of my alleged organized crime who explained that "Mushrooms Grow Best In The Dark"