Chris Walters Residence Coral Gables, Florida 1973-1977

Walters Residence

Betty L Feldmaier-Landlord
Passed Away 93
227 Phoenetia Ave
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Land Lord Betty Feidmaier
I rented from Coral Gables Realtor Betty Feidmaier for several years. Betty is a really nice older woman who is a definite long timer supporter of Ronald Reagan. when Ronny finally became elected I am sure she was in 7th heaven.

Mark Walters

Convicted Armed Robbery
5 Years Florida State Prisons
Mark Gets 5 Years For Armed Robbery
We were all shocked when the detectives came to mom's apartment 1 day and explained they have Mark in jail for armed robbery. It seems he got into some problems with drugs and a bad woman and went on a robbing spree. He apparently robbed a supermarket and later when trying to rob a woman in Dade Land Mall Parking lot she knocked him unconscious with her purse. Mark did 5 years in Florida State Prison most of it in state mental hospital and was released to a church group west of San Antonio, TX where he worked as farm hand.

Doris Walters/Howard

Employied VA Hospital
1201 N.W. 16th St.
Miami, FL 33125
Mom Employied At VA Hospital
Mom went to work for the VA in Miami as a Medical Transcriber and moved into a really nice condo in Coral Gables where she lived for several years.

Biltmore Hotel

Coral Gables, Florida

Movie Wind and Lion

The Final Count Down

Science Fiction

Science Fiction-Andromedia Strain

In Search Of TV Show

McMillian & Wife
TV Show

Columbo-Peter Falk
TV Show

Logans Run
Science Fiction

Chris Walters Employment Miami 1971-1973
Private Security Guard

Picture of Aerodex Engine Overhaul Plant

Miami International Airport
Origonally Where Post Office Currently Sited
5962 NW 37th Street
Miami, Fl 33166
Security Guard Aeroxdex Engine Over Hall Plant
Miami International Airport
Chief Lively has us patrolling a large aircraft engine overhall plant and place where Amtrak cars are being refurbished. Acres of equipment have to be walked around each hour in the middle of the night. An Eastern Airlines plane which crashed in Everglades in December 1973 was brought into the plant to determine from wreckage what caused it to crash. Many of the passangers apparently survived. I got a better job and Chief Lively apparently went on to become Chief of Coral Gables Police Department

Fred Secuirty Corporation

Security Guard 1973
8869 SW 131 Street
Miami, FL 33176

Davmor Industries

Security Guard
Division of Burger King
4300 SW 73RD AVE
MIAMI, FL 33155-4512
Burger King-Davmor Corporation
South Miami, Fl
This is a gate control assignment with hourly rounds of the plant and production facility where Burger King Stores are manufactures before being shipped out in trucks.

Fred Feick Security

Security Guard
Wometco's Miami Seaquarium
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Miami Seaquarium
Key Biscayne, Florida
This is after hours security post on 55 acres of Seaquarium. A golf cart is provided for the 55 acre facility with hourly rounds using a Detex Clock. Very nice job with lots to see and do during each shift.

Chris Walters Employment Coral Gables, Fla 1971-1976
The Wackenhut Corporation

Employee The Wackenhut Corporation

G4S Americas
1395 University Boulevard
Jupiter, Florida 33458
The Wackenhut Corporation
Elite of the Private Security Industry
George Russell Wackenhut (September 3, 1919 � December 31, 2004, Vero Beach, Florida) was the founder of the Wackenhut private security corporation. George Wackenhut took sole control of his company in 1958 then, naming it after himself. Working throughout the day in his office, he sometimes continued nightly as a security guard. By 1964, he had contracts to guard the Kennedy Space Center and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission's nuclear test site in Nevada. The following year, he took his company public.

In the mid-60s, Florida Governor Claude Kirk commissioned the Wackenhut Corporation to help fight a "war on organized crime", awarding the company a $500,000 contract. The commission lasted about a year but led to more than 80 criminal indictments, including many for local politicians and government employees.[6] Following the murder of a British tourist at a rest stop in 1993, Florida contracted with Wackenhut to provide security at all state rest stops.

George R Wackenhut

Founder of The Wackenhut Corporation
(September 3, 1919 � December 31, 2004,
Vero Beach, Florida)

When he sold his company for $570 million in 2002, he owned more than 50 percent of its stock. Wackenhut died on 31 December 2004 of heart failure at the age of 85.

Murry Levine Co Founder

The Wackenhut Corporation
G4S Americas
1395 University Boulevard
Jupiter, Florida 33458
Murry Levine CoFounder
The Wackenhut Corporation

US Senator Frank Church

Democrat From Idaho
Senate Select Subcommitte On Intelligence
Watergate Hearings
US Senator Frank Curch Watergate Era
Investigaes George Wackenhut/Murry Levine (Retired Lt. Col)
National Enemy List/Blacklist To Church League Of America
George Wackenhut and his business partner Murry Levine were known as a hard-line right-winger. He built up dossiers on Americans suspected of being Communists or left-leaning "subversives and sympathizers" and sold the information to interested parties. Age of Surveillance by Frank Donner (ISBN 0-394-74771-2) claims the Wackenhut Corporation maintained and updated its files even after the McCarthy hysteria had ebbed, adding the names of antiwar protesters and civil rights demonstrators to its list of "derogatory types." By 1965, Wackenhut was boasting to potential investors that the company maintained files on 2.5 million suspected dissidents - one in 46 American adults then living. In 1966, after acquiring the private files of Karl Barslaag, a former staff member of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Wackenhut could claim that with more than 4 million names, it had the largest privately held file on suspected dissidents in America. In 1975, after the US Congress investigated companies that had private files, Wackenhut gave its files to the now-defunct anti-Communist Church League of America of Wheaton, Illinois.

George R Wackenhut

Security Guard @
Wackenhut Castle
Coral Gables, Florida
The Wackenhut Castle
Coral Gables, Florida
This is a after hours access position when the famous castle was being constructed. The guard was sited in the guest house and I got to meet Mr. Wackenhut one day when he was touring his future home

The Wackenhut Corporation

Security Guard Florida Power Light Headquarters
205 SW 42nd Ave
Coral Gables, Florida
Florida Power and Light Corporate Office
Coral Gables, Florida
This is a access control position in the lobby of the the Corporate Office of Florida Power and Light monitoring after hours access and occassional patrols of the parking lots.

The Wackenhut Corporation

Client Supervisor Forrest Sikema
Security Guard Exxon Headquarters
Coral Gables, Florida
Esso Corporate Office
Coral Gables, Florida
This is a access control position in the lobby of the Esso International HQ in Coral Gables, Florida monitoring after hours access and mointoring cleaning crew.

Margret Sikkema
Husband Forrest F Sikema
Dec 26, 2015. She was born on June 13, 1928
Good Friend Margret and Forrest Sikkema
Coral Gables, Florida

Mamma Marries Da Mafia? Gold Digger Strikes It Rich
Lives The Good Life 1976-1995 On Organized Crime Funds

Douglas C Kunzler

SSN: 110-20-5830
Born: 28 Jul 1926
Died: 8 Apr 1996
Kunzler Tire of Long Island
Owner Bob Kunzler (D)
1581 Route 112
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Mama Married The Mafia
Gold Digger Strikes It Rich?
My mother; Doris Walters is explaining she can't wait for the last of her children to graduate from school so she can move to Antarticia and get away from responsibilites or marry some rich person and live the life of luxury. By 1973 Doris Walters was employied full time at Miami VA Hospital and living in a condo in Coral Gables, Florida. She met and eventually married a Douglas C Kunzler who a retired WWII Marine who worked for Pennsylvania Tranformers selling power transformers to Florida Power & Light Nuclear Plants. In 1976 Doug Kunzler was awarded America's #1 Salesman. As the nuclear industry closed down Doug was divorced; lost his job and on the bottle.

Doug and Doris Kunzler moved to Long Island NY and lived for a period of time in a trailer located next to his brother's Bob's Tire Company on Long Island, NY. At this point in time the gargage industry and associates such as Bob's Tire Company has extensive tied to Mafia as cited
FBI Convicts Mafia Associates
In Carting Industry
Cited On Line But despite the industry's recent struggles, at least it�s considered cleaner than it used to be. For decades, the industry was tightly connected to the mob, which had a stranglehold on the Island's garbage industry for three decades until the FBI stepped in. After independent carters Robert Kubecka and Donald Barstow were gunned down in August 1989 for refusing to join in mob payoffs, the feds accelerated their probe into Long Island carting.

Nine years later, Colombo family boss Andrew Russo and several members and associates of the Colombo family pled guilty to racketeering charges that resulted from the FBI investigation. The FBI said mobsters used arson, extortion and violence to enforce their monopoly. In January 1999, Luchese soldier Jody Calabrese pled guilty to extortion and conspiracy to murder two people, one a business competitor. In May 2001, Luchese capo and former acting boss Salvatore Avellino also pled guilty to racketeering charges. The FBI proved that Avellino's crew had controlled portions of the Long Island carting industry since the 1970s. The feds said Avellino used whatever means necessary, including murder and arson, to maintain his control over the industry.

Douglas C Kunzler
Born Douglaston NY
Born July 28, 1926
Died April 8, 1996 (69 years old)
Rockport, Aransas County, TX (Texas), 78381

Carols Gambino

Banker For Lucky Luciano
Head of Gambino Organized Crime Family
Confession of Bar Fly Mafisio 1977/78
You Snitched US Out-We Putta Da Hit On Your A...
I living with Doug Kunzler and his wife for 1 years I was bored to death to hear endless tales of how his grandfather Juan Kunzler (Born 16 April 1888, received Social Security number 114-03-1198 died May 1971) made his monies in run running in Argentina and laundering money for the Mafia. Hour after long hour I have to listen to this endless crap about how they sneak the money back into the country from Switzerland using his Grandmother's wheel chair to get the money past customs.

Residence Doug & Doris Kunzler

6747 Spring Manor Road
San Antonio, TX 78249
Juan Kunzler Banker For Gambino Family?
According to years to tales told by these hard drink folks the Grand Father Juan Kunzler (April 16, 1888 Died May 1971 83 years old Swiss National) owner of a chair of theaters was a banker for the Gambino Organized Crime family and Luck Luciano and salted away millions in profits in Switzerland. Doug and Bob Kunzler together with their mother Anita Kunzler (B 30 November 1896,SS# 070-38-4946 died 08 February 1991) made frequent trips to Switzerland where they emptied millions from bank vaults and smuggled the money back into the country in Juanita Kunzler's wheel chair. As Doris Kunzler stated the IRS had been investigating Bob Kunzler and Kunzler Tire for decades looking for some way to get information on their mysterious income. As things developed Doris Kunzler struck it rich and lived a live of easy and luxury until she died in 1996.

His brother owns Kunzler Tire on Long Island and I have to listen to how they have ties to the Gambino Crime Family....The more these 2 bar flies drink the more they talk on and on and on and eventually they die of results of or complications of drinking themselves to death. As Doris Kunzler stated the IRS had been investigating Bob Kunzler and Kunzler Tire for decades looking for some way to get information on their mysterious income. As IRS Agents were reportedly looking for source of Kunzler fortune Doug Kunzler was according to Doris Kunzler laundering money into a San Antonio Company M Jacks for which he paid a precentage as kickback. After bitching that M Jacks was ripping him off by charging 10 centers on the dollar he started his own firm. While making a few legitimate sales as a glove salesman Doug Kunzler eventually was able to launder over $5 Million back into the Country not including what his son Dain Kunzer stole from estates accounts after his death.

M. Jacks Fire & Safety Equipment Co.

538 Sandau Rd (78216)
P O Box 790508
San Antonio TX 78279-0508
Phone 210-344-2361
Fax 210-344-2616

Residence Doug and Doris Kunzler

6747 Spring Manor
San Antonio, TX 78249
Exhibit #6 No Income=New 3 Bedroom House
1977/78-Strange Mafia Math?
1. Let's review some of apparent questionable activities relating to the Kunzler Estate and it's reputed ties to organized crime and money laundering.

2. According to family historian Doris Kunzler the Kunzler family legend had it that the Kunzler Tire of PJS had ties to Gambino Organized Crime family of PJS and "Garbage Industry".

3. Family members reported that the Internal Revenue Service was investigating the Kunzler family and Kunzler Tires of Port Jefferson Station New York on a permanent basis since the 1960's

4. The original Kunzler Fortune was reportedly made by a Juan Kunzler a native of Argentina who according to family traditions smuggled guns and was a friend of Meyer Lansky and Gambino Organized crime family of NY.

5. Although the family officially states the money was made through Mr. Kunzler's movie chain it was so dirty it had to be smuggled into the United States in Mrs. Juanita Kunzler's wheel chair to get it back from Switzerland and then laundered through a San Antonio firm known as Mjacks (circia 1978-83):

6. 1978 Douglas Kunzler (unemployied) and wife Doris Kunlzer who works part time for the Veterans Administration in Long Island NY and moved into brand new 3 bedroom house located at 6747 Spring Manor, San Antonio,TX 78249.

7. How does someone with little or no income move into a brand new house? How does a minor business selling gloves later buy a small estate in Rockport,TX?

The Mafia Said Hello 2010 The new family cappo or solider Dain Kunzler of Texas harassed me in a nursing home in Boise, Idaho in 2010

Internal Revenue Service

1040 Waverly Avenue,
Holtsville, NY
(800) 829-1040
631) 473-1240

Douglas C Kunzler/Walters Residence San Antonio, Texas 1978-1983

Residence Doug and Doris Kunzler

6747 Spring Manor
San Antonio, TX 78249
Kunzler Residence
NW San Antonio, TX

Oak Hills Medical Center Hotel

Hotel Janitor 1978
7401 Wurzbach Road,
San Antonio, TX
(210) 614-9900
Houseman At
Oak Hills Motor Inn
My job here is to move linen for the maids and drive guest to and from the airport. A nice job but I soon found a better position when I moved down town.

La Mansion Hotel

Manager Mr. Gordon
Supervisor Gloria Martinez
1978-1979 Hotel Maintence
112 College Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
Houseman At La Manson Hotel
La Mansion Hotel was a Catholic College which was converted into a 4 star Riverwalk Hotel in downtown San Antonio, TX. Many hollywood notables were given rooms here at guest of Earl Holloman and the Playhouse. Including June Lockhart; Arthur Godfrey; Yule Brenner and many others

Gloria Neri Martinez

Former House Manager Hotel
February 12, 1924 - October 5, 2002
Gloria N. Martinez beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend began her new life on Ocotber 5, 2002 when she joined relatives and friends waiting to greet her in Heaven. Gloria was born February 12, 1924, to her parents, Roman H. and Stella M. Neri. She is survived by her husband, Louis Martinez;
Her children include Louis A. Luigi Martinez, Barbara J. Madrigal, and Gregory John Martinez, and their loving mates, Terri Martinez, Victor Madrigal Jr., and Addie Martinez; her granddaughters, Chrissy, Krystal and Olivia; and her great-grandson, Jacob. Her sisters, Mary Alice Correa, Stella Mae Wilkinson, and Pinky Sanchez, and their husbands, Joseph Correa, Wilton Wilkinson, and Sam Sanchez, Jr. and her cousins, Mitzi and Charlotte Neri, and numerous loving and caring nephews and nieces and many many wonderful friends also survive her. Gloria was devoted to her Lord, having been a member of both St. Henry and St. Philip�'s of Jesus Catholic churches. Gloria was a devoted wife and mother. She and husband Louie were inseparable for 54 wonderful years.

Chris Walters Residence

Landlord Charles Guenther III
822 1/2 W Woodlawn
San Antonio, TX 78205
Born March 29, 1927
Died October 2th, 1988
Garage Apartment Rented
From Attorney Charles Guenther III
Attorney Charles Guenter was one of the city fathers of San Antonio whose son Charles was raised with a golden spoon. Charles was a bus driver in San Diego for the Navy in WWII and went to law school on his VA Benefits. When I rented from Charles he was an alocholic who should had what it takes and should be been a Federal Judge or US Senator-what a waste!

Landlord Charles Guenther III

Birth: Mar. 29, 1927
San Antonio Bexar County
Texas, USA
Death: Oct. 28, 1988
San Antonio Bexar County Texas, USA
Charles Guenter III
Parents: Charles Frederick Guenther Jr and Viola Gertrude Brink. Spouse: Joella Roberts. They were married April 27, 1951 at St Mark's Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas. Children: Charles Kurt, Charles Frederick IV, Kyle, and Georgeann. Charles was a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and St. Mary's University- School of Law. He was an attorney for approximately 27 years. He was also a member of St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Charles loved to fish and play golf.

Fiesta Playhouse

circa 1980s
San Antonio, TX

Fiesta Playhouse

circa 1980s
San Antonio, TX
Earl Holliman Fiesta Playhouse
Many hollywood notables were invited out of retirement here as guest of Earl Holloman and the Playhouse. Including June Lockhart; Arthur Godfrey; Yule Brenner and many others

Little House On Prarie

BattleStar Galatica

Science Fiction

All In The Family

Carol Oconnor as Archie

Lone Wolf McQuade

Chuck Norris

Mork and Mindy
TV Show

Fantasy Island

Fernando Lamas


Medical Detective Jack Kulgman

High Road To China

Tom Sellick

Brackenridge Zoo and Park

Chris Walters Residence Seattle Washington 1980

Chris Walters Residence 1980

Room in Syzamski's House
6300 125th Place SE
Newport Hills, WA
Chris Walters Rents Furnished Apartment
Newport Hills/Factoria Washington (Near Bellvue)
I always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest and after spending thousands of dollars I moved to NewPort Hills I rented a furnished room in these folks basement and lived very happily until the bus company went on strike and stranded me 20 miles from my work way out in the boonies.

Burns International Security

Security Guard
14900 Interurban Ave S Ste 138
Seattle, WA. Phone: 206-241-8072

Burns Security

Security Guard
Post Assignment AT&T
Seattle, Washington 98101
I enjoyied working for Burns Security right up to the point where the manager didn't make the payroll and bounced my pay check.

Burns Security

Security Guard
Post Assignment Westin Hotel
1900 5th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101
Westin Hotel

Northwest Protective Security

Security Guard
801 S. Fidalgo 2nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98108

Pinkerton Security

Security Guard
Seattle, WA

King County Sheriff Department

King County Business Licenses
900 Oakesdale Ave. SW
Renton, WA 98057-5212
License Work Armed Security Guard
I cleared a background check for wants and warrants and criminal history on the NCIC and was given a license to work as an armed security guard in King County for Burns Security

Chris Walters Employment Stanley Smith Security San Antonio, Texas 1978-1981

Stanley Smith Security
Stanley F. 'Doodles' Smith
Died October 26, 2003 He was born on January 2, 1944
Security Guard 1979-1981
Supervisor Lt. Col Paul Manna
Retired Military Intellingence
3355 Cherry Ridge, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78230
Confrontational Security Contracts
I worked for Stanley Smith Security and found that many of their contracts put the security guard into a confrontational or enforcer position between the clients management and their employees. The turn over rate for guards is rather high because of this and I was dragging down 80 hours a week when I left Stanley Smith because of overtime and problems keeping their employees.

Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Security Bureau:
5805 North Lamar Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78752-4422
(512) 424-7293
Licensed Armed Security Guard in Texas State
I was given a license after clearning an NCIC background check for felony convictions, bondability... and taking a Stanley Smith Security firearms class given by Instuctor Bart Ratay

La Mansion Del Norte

Security Guard 1979-1981
Patrol Captian Keiser
37 Northeast Loop 410
San Antonio (210) 366-2424
La Mansion Del Norte
San Antonio, TX
This is primarily a walk around position at a 4 star hotel on the north side of town. The management wanted the security guard to spend a lot of time monitoring kitchen staff and enforcing company rules. As you can see from the photo the property was eventually sold to Doubletree

San Antonio Savings
Patrol Captian Keiser
Site Supervisor Ed Plunkett
San Antonio, Texas 78205
San Antonio Savings
San Antonio, TX
This is an armed security position at the bank lobby while it is open and after hours access control for employees. The bank went broke in the S&L Scandals of 1980's

West Wide Hospital (Now UT Medical)

Stanley Smith Security
Site Supervisor Sgt. Dent
701 S Zazamore
San Antonio, Texas 78207
Counter Intelligence Operation
CIA US AF Security Services
Supervisor Al Arndt (retired CIA) is explaing the company is having a lot of trouble at West Side Hospital and asked me to work there a help Sgt. Dent. Sgt. Dent introduces me to a resident and city founder Ms.Hildebrand who explains they want my help to eliminate all the hispanic employees. Sgt. Dent explains he is learving linen and towels around the property so as to blame innocent hospital employees. San Antonio City Councilman Henry Cisneros put a quick stop to this nonsense.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any deeper I was approached by a Nurse Colleen Simpson who explained she was working with a ER Lt Col Horton from local AFB. She explained they were looking for someone like me to go on an undercover operation to Germany for the Lt. Col who was a members of USAF Security Services. Unitede State Air Force Security Services of course does not recruit from outside it's own organization. When I turned her down she apparently went back to Bexar County Sheriff and claimed I raped her. I didn't hear about this until Captian Kaiser explained she tried exactly the same thing with another Stanley Smith Security Guard at another post.

San Antonio Light Newspaper
Patrol Captian Keiser
301 Avenue E,
San Antonio, TX 78205
San Antonio Light Newspaper
San Antonio, TX
This is a roving patrol of a newspaper office and complex after hours when the employees are not at work The property is owned by San Antonio Express News

Lackland Air Force Base

Stanley Smith Security
Wilford Hall Hospital
Lackland Air Force Base
This job is on Lackland AFB making rounds of Wilford Hall Medical Complex while the building is under construction. A very dangerous site because of holes and such around the complex.

Vallero Energy Corporation

Patrol Captian Keiser
One Valero Way
San Antonio, Texas 78249
Valero Energy Corporation
San Antonio, TX
This is access and afterhours contol of the building in the lobby with occassional rounds throughout the complex. The company asks is your guard sleeping on the job? Well I was working 80 hours a week trying to keep up with employees Stanley Smith fired and getting complaints from corporate that my paycheck was larger then the executive officers. Sleeping-no comment. Valero has new digs and ATT now owns the property pictured above

Stanley Smith Security
Security Guard 1979-1981
Site Supervisor Bruce Bender
Metropolitan Professional Building
1303 Mccullough Ave # Ll-16
San Antonio,TX
(210) 757-2850
Metropolitan Medical Arts Building
San Antonio, TX
This is basically a medical office building where I control access after hours; making occassional rounds. As fate would have it a pipe burst in the basement 1 night and the water was turned off. The fact they have security saved the building basement from being flooded and causing extensive damage.

I was asked by another security guard to help respond to cries for help from woman in adjoining park. A Mr. Gonzales was on top of her and she said she was being raped. After removing the suspect from the woman the police came and District Attorney called later to get information which led to a conviction

Henry B Zachary

of H.B. Zachry Company
Zachary Holding
527 Logwood Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78221
United States
T +1 210.588.5000
HB Zachary Zachary Holding Company
San Antonio, TX
A famous and very successful construction engineer who owned the Metropolitan Arts Building-I met HB Zachary in the middle of the night while he was checking out his building

US Postal Inspector Intelligence Group
Instant Passport Photos San Antonio, TX 1982

US Postal Inspector Counter Intelligence

US Postal Inspector RB Brown
aka Instant Passport Photos
Cointellpro Operations
112 N Alamo Street
Post Master R.G. Brown
Forth Worth, TX 76155-2675
Research Into Forge Proof ID
Modification of Standard Polaroid System
The manager agreed to let me do research on his equipment to produce a forge proof form of ID using modifications of the standard Polaroid System which created scenic ID; using embossing and holographic images (prior to computer technology) The State of Arizona currently uses something similar to this.
Don Mixon Statements He
Steals From Customers
Over a period of time Don Mixon make statements he and his boss in Dallas routinely defraud customers and can get away with he because of his affiliation with US Postal Inspector. Eventually he impeaches his credability and generally appears to be a career criminal.

US Postal Inspector RG Brown

CHICAGO IL 60699-3255
USPS Group Part Time
Instant Passport Photos
The manger Don Mixon of Instant Passport Photos explaines he needs a part time employee to work in the store while he does sales work. He explains the manager in Dallas, Texas a Leroy Armstrong and Instant Passport Photos are owned and operated by the intelligence community and this particular operation is operated through the US Postal Inspector R Brown. The purpose of the operation is to produce phony identification for alleged criminals and keep an archive copy of what is made for the intelligence and law enforcement community

City of San Antonio Police Dept

Lt Dan Jennings
Detectives Castor & Jacobs
315 South Santa Rosa
San Antonio, TX 78205
Don Mixon Has Me Arrested
By San Antonio Police Department-Charges Are Dropped
Mr. Mixon apparently filed a complaint with San Antonio Police Department for allegedly stealing a camera from his store. Detectives Castro and Jacobs and Lt Dan Jennings put me in jail and when they discover the research in progress on forge proof ID fax the data to every member of the Intelligence Community they can think of. The charges of bugulary are dropped in a few weeks. Probably as a result of the police department investigating Instant Passport Photo....

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Downtown Post Office
San Antonio, TX 78249
Subsequent Meeting With Special Agent
Paul Hosslocker of FBI
I met with Special Agent Paul Hosslocker of the San Antonio, FBI and briefly explained the research being done at IPP and that some of the materials and technology created were deterimental to the national security interest of the US and suggested the matters be quashed and classified.

2 Men in dark suit physically picked up Detective Jacobs in the Alamo Plaza later as he protested I am a police officer. They said yes we know and away he went to be engaged in more appropriate activities.
Example of Scenic ID

Chris Walters Employment San Antonio, Texas 1978-1983

The Southland Corporation

Area Supervisor George Robionson
Corporate Headquarters/Store Support Center:
7-Eleven, Inc.
One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh St., Suite 1000
Dallas, TX 75201
7-11 Goes Out
Business in South Texas
I worked part time for 7-11 next door to Fort Sam Houston for several months. In several months is took 30 employees to replace the 5 regular staffers who didn't work out and obviously you can run a business by firing all your employees on a regular basis.

Bank Clerk 1981-1983

Supervisor Bill Coleman
Proof and Operations Clerk
National Bank of Commerce
205 W Soledad
San Antonio, TX 78205

Former Congressman Henry B Gonzalez

Chairman House Committee
Banking & Urban Affairs
San Antonio, Texas

US Congressman Lamar Smith

Chairman Judiciary Committee
Guaranty Bank Building
1100 NE Loop 410 Suite 640
San Antonio, TX 78209
National Bank Commerce
1981-1983 Goes Bankrupt-No Body Prosecuted
After working at NBC for several months Mr. Pete Liliac the Department Head proviced me with a Xmas Bonus check of 10% of my entire year salary.

A few months later the acting Department Head Kevin explained to 80 employees who handled $1 Billion A Day that the company had been take over by National Bankshares Corp and we were all extremely overpaid, underworked,,,,,. The company planned to get rid of the experienced personnel and hire folks off the street to do technical bank work while engaged in a massive expansion across the region.

The FDID reportedly bailed out NBC for $250 millon and married it to Nations Bank as part of the savings and loan scandals of the 1980's. While Chairman of House Banking and Urban Affairs Committee Henry Gonzalze was responsible no one was every investigate or prosecuted

Doris Kunzler

Audy Murphy VA Hospital
7400 Merton Minter St
San Antonio, TX 78229
(210) 617-5300
Doris Kunzler Retires From
Audy Murphy VA Hospital
Doris Kunzler aparently tired of the good life and went back to work for the VA and retired with a pension from Audy Murphy Va Hospital

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Sir Richard Walter of Pembrokeshire
Family Crest HaverfordWest
Walters of Wales

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John Walter(s) (Waters)
Crest York Herald
London, England, UK
Waters of Hertfordshire UK

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Col. William Waters
House of Burgess
b. Abt 1622, Blount Point, Virginia,
d. 29 Jul 1689, Accomac,
Accomack county, Virginia,
Margaret Robins
b. Abt 1625, Virginia,
Col William Walters
House of Burgess VA

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Major Thomas Willoughby Walter
Jun 1736 Prince William, Virginia
Died 1806 Newberry Newberry County SC
Married Ellen Schobert
DAR #A120187
Major Thomas W Walters
Revolutionary War

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Herring Henry Walters
Born 1785 Anderson County SC
Died 11-1853
Married Ann Blackledge
•Birth: 1789 in Anderson Co. Sc
•Death: BEF 1860 in Jones Co. Ms
Henry Herring Walters War 1812

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Henry B Walters
1st Lt. 25th La Inf. Co. E
Official Rolls Paroled Officers
Blackledge Cemetery
Laurel, Mississippi
Henry B Walters War Civil War

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Joel and Lucinda Walters
12th Mississippi Infantry
Lucinda Martha Welborn Wife
Birth: Apr. 25, 1851 Death: Jul. 25, 1930
Burial: Liberty Cemetery
Bradford Anderson County
Texas, USA
Joel & Lucinda Walters
Farmer in Laurel Mississippi

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Grandfather Hilton Robert Walters
Texas State Legislature
Home page
(1877 - 1924)

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Ella Lou Denson Walters
School Teacher
Mar. 11, 1890-Jul. 31, 1982
Generation 13-14 Robert Hilton Walters
Married Ella Denson-Texas Legislature

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Sgt Clifton Frank Walters
Crew Chief Eickman's Arsonist
505 Bomb Group/Wing WWII
Tinian In Pacific Ocean
1947 Monthan Davis AFB, Tucson
Generation 14 Clinton Walters
Marries Doris Johnson-Through WWII

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Candon Park Beach
Key Biscayne, Florida

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The Alamo City
San Antonio, TX
Chris Walters 1964-1983

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Chris Walters
Volunteer Work
Modesto, California

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Chris Walters
Library Computer Volunteer
Waiting For Disability
Winston Salem, NC
Chris Walters 1983-2020
Volunteer & Public Service

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Chris Walters
National Audits & Surveys

Patricia Ann Bergman
Retired Teacher

Celtic Royal Genealogy

Historian to H.R.H. Sophie Helen Mountbatten-Windsor,
Countess of Wessex
Arthur E Turner-Thomas
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Walters Family History
1. Patty Bergman Bergman Patty Ann Bergman, age 77, of Westerville, OH, passed away Friday, June 24, 2016 at St. Ann's Hospital. Retired elementary school teacher. Member of St. Paul Catholic Church and the St. Paul choir, Polish American Club and Germania Club. Meals on Wheels volunteer.

2. Find A Grave and Ancestory Com and Roots

3. •Goff & Hobbs Family Connections Henry B Bingham Decendants

4. Katy Walters By Kay Haden

5. Pitt/Pitt Family Page Daniel and Margarette Walters moved to Jones County,MS

6. Blackledge Family History and Book

Claire Hodges

Out Reach Executive
Research Your Family History
AT DNA Weekly

Congressional Investigator

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