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I Should Former US Congressman Bob Goodlatte Run IF Mr. Donald Trump Pead Innocent By Reason Of Mental Defect?

II 72 Year Old Batchelor Seeks Wife-Divorced-Passes Away The Wisdom of Maxine On Old Folks Lives On

III We Are Here To Pass Water In The Coffin Of The Dearly Departed -Tombstone-Would You Get Off Your Dead Ass & Go Back To Work?

IV Political Patronage System-We Will Decide Who Become President Canidates Must Be Dumber Than A Door Knob; Easy to Manipulate-Everyone Else-Go Back To Sleep

V Ancient Aliens Have Returned And Taken Up Operations At Skin Walker Ranch -Professor Einstein Weight In On Issues Of Relocation of Alien Species

VI Our Web Services Have Been Fagged By Facebook And Google Gooooooly-Shazamm!!!

Threat of Sneak Nuclear Attack On US?
Page 2 More National & International News
I Vladimir Putin & Evil Empire Threatened Nuclear War -Loses & Executed By President Of Russia Volodymyr Zelenskyy

II US Senator Mark O Hatfield: Declared Dallas Police Chief Pussy Galore Texas Fictious Conviction Overturned- Not Well Recieved

III Organized Crime Control of HUD-Homelss Programs The Homeless Are Pawns Used To Destroy Billions of Dollars of Real Estate

IV President Joseph Biden Calls For Nursing Home Reform 2 Mlllion Reported Dead After Donald Trump Suspended Nursing Home Oversight

V The National Debt Was $15.4 Trillion (2011) How The Health Care Industry Is Bankrupting the United States

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Texas Founders Of Texas State

Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville

B 978-Died: 1084, Longueville-sur-Scie

Lord John Walters

Approver and Chancellor of
Pembrookshire &
West Haverford

John Walter(s) (Waters)

York Herald
Birthdate: circa 1420
Died March 28, 1502
London, UK
You Went Back Too The Slave Enforcement Unit?
Editorial Department Link You don't have to call me Your Majesty any more and can get up off the floor; stand up and speak. Wait where are you going-back to the Plantation

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Col William Waters-Governor
First Sheriff In US

Mayberry Gazette Online

Editor & Reporter Rim Shot
Beautiful Mayberry North Carolina
Welcome To Mayberry Gazette-Political Humor
Where Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Peckerwood Press International welcome to a collection of bad puns, crummy humor, and and political commentaries. Winner of Golden Cow Pie Award being able to stack poop higher than many of our fellow humorist

I Should Former US Congressman Bob Goodlatte Run
If Mr. Donald Trump Pead Innocent By Reason Of Mental Defect?

Former US Congressman Bob Goodlatte

Chairman of US House Committee On Judiciary
Served 1993-2019
Retired From Lynchburg, VA
Congressman Bob Goodlatte For President 2024?
A Candidate Who Is Not Mentally Unbalanced & Many Assets
If Donald Trump is unable to run for President a notable canidate to meet the needs of the Republican Party might be Former Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) Chair of House Judiciary.

Former Congressman Goodlatte consistently demonatrated the ability to work with both sides of the asile and willing to hear from just about anyone with and open mind. If the former Congressman could be convienced to run he had no political baggage; scandal, or other negatives and is only 70 years old.

Former Congressman Goodlatte is currently a member of the Federalist Society and the Republican Party would have to contact him and see if he is interested in leaving retirment

Office of Head Bootlicker

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Trump Towers In Russia?

Our Man In Moscow
Trump Warns of 'Potential Death and
Destruction' if he's charged in hush money probe
By NBC Reporter Rose Horowitch
Updated March 24, 2023, 12:50 PM PDT

Former President Donald Trump escalated his rhetoric against the Manhattan district attorney's probe into a hush money payment made during his 2016 campaign, warning in an overnight post on his Truth Social site about "potential death and destruction" if he is charged in the case.

Last weekend, Trump said leaks indicated he would be arrested in the investigation and called on his supporters to "PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!" Since then, he has used social media to attack Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, calling for his "removal" from the post and claiming without evidence that the probe is politically motivated.
Our Man In Moscow Stated He Wants
To Suspend Constitution & Become King Leer
CNN Press ReleaseBy Kristen Holmes, CNN Updated 4:34 PM EST, Sun December 4, 2022 Qualified King Already Been Hear 400 years The person on this website is decendent of English & French Kings; Col William Waters II (1622-1689) was Governor of Virginia & First Sheriff in United States-but then who wants to return to a Constitutional Monarch.

Office of Head Bootlicker

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Should Donald Trumps Plead Innocent By
Reason of Dimished Capacity?
Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man: 9781982141462: Trump Ph. D., Mary L. The fact one of his own family wrote a book explaining Mr. Trump is unable to tell what is know what is right or not right suggest the obvious. Where could we find an impartial jury in the United States who dosen't already believe that Mr. Trump is crazier than a shithouse bat. Sentenced to receive treatment at his estate would serve Mr. Trump's interest as well as everyone else on the planet
Why Aren't We Expressing Empathy For Illness?
When other Notables such as US Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) fell and was hospitalized for concussion: Former US Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) fell and broke his hip and Congress Steve Scalise has cancer we offer empathy and best wishes for speedy recovery. Many highly intelligent people are eccentric and who could forget when Bill Gates was on a tv show and made an off the cuff remark about having enought money to put a contract on every person in California? Why make a public spectable out of a former President who has an illness and why not show compassion and pray for his recovery....

II 72 Year Old Batchelor Seeks Wife-Divorced-Passes Away
The Wisdom of Maxine On Old Folks Lives On

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Maxine Website
Maxine Website
Quotes From The Immortal Maxine
Humor On Older Folks
The Wisdom of Maxine
You Will Be Sorely Missed
Maxine Bussa, age 91, of Windom- passed away Monday, June 13, 2022, at the Good Samaritan Society-Sogge Memorial in Windom, Minn. A celebration of life service for Maxine will be held 10:30 a.m. Monday, June 20, at the First Presbyterian Church in Windom, with Reverend Pam Prouty officiating.

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Marriage/Divorce & Funeral

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Divorce Attorney Retained
Bar Has Questions Of Competency

Husband Suffers Breakdown

Released From Happy Acres
Husband Suffers Breakdown During Divorce
Recently Released From Happy Acres State Hospital
See Story Our Friend Bill could not stand the failures of his marriage and was recently released from Happy Acres State Hospital

III We Are Here To Pass Water In The Coffin Of The Dearly Departed
-Tombstone-Would You Get Off Your Dead Ass & Go Back To Work?

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Funeral For Dearly Departed
Arbor Skilled Nursing Home
390 N Church Street
Lodi, CA95240
We Are Here To Pass Water In The Coffin Of The Dearly Departed
Tombstone-Would You Get Off Your Dead Ass & Go Back To Work

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Office Inspector General
The Kingdom Of Heaven
From The Desk Of God-Office of Inspector General
Is This Person Dead Or What-Question In Next Panel

Online Link

A Place Called Heaven
Dr Gary Wood
Sugarland, Texas
Announcing The Return Of The King
The Love Of God & Salvation Are For Everyone
The Return of the King announces the approach of The King Jesus Christ and HIS MAGESTY to meet his loyal and faithful subects and take them to heaven. Jesus Christ the rightful owner of the Kingdom has tarried his return in Power and Glory to extend to his subjects the excellent quality of HIS grace; mercy; and undying love and benovelence to all peoples on the planet of all races, religions. colors, and creeds.
Your Other Option With Mr.Scratch

IV Political Patronage System-We Will Decide Who Become President
Successful Canidates Must Be Dumber Than A Door Knob; Easy to Manipulate

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Former Lobbyist Jack Abramhoff
Republic National Committee 2010
Tampa, Florida
Former Lobbyist Jack Abramhoff Snitches
Get Stiches-GOP Convention Tampa, Fl 2010
The Political Patronage System control all issues and canidates behind the scenes. Former Lobbyist Jack Abrhamoff takes news crew on tour of Republican Convention in 2010 and explains how health care firms are engaged in creating payoffs for government officials.. While visiting the convention with tv crews and reporters in tow Jack Abrahamoff. As media converage appeared on the nightly news Jack Abraham was quickly recalled to the half way house where he was serving time to avoid prosecution?

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American Patriots
Sacrificed Lives & Prosperity
Resting In Peace
American Patriots Gave Their Lives
On The Altar of Freedom-That You We Might Be Free

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Contract By King aka Dain Kunzler
Current Address Unknown
King Kunzler Places Contract On Brother In Law
The Government Is My Bought Bitch Idaho 2011
This Link My name is King aka Daine Kunzler and I am a multimilionaire and put a contract on my brother in law Chris Walters who I met once 30 years ago. I spent a small fortune putting together my dream/his team including (top row) his brother Mark Walters clerk at Church of Hills; his nephew Jeff Walters;(2nd Row) Attorney David Barger; former US Congressman Lamar Smith: former US Governor Rick Perry; and US Senator John Cornan; (Third Row) US Marshal Alamonte; Sheriff of Bexar County TX; and Sheriff Ada County Idaho....

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Chris Walters 2011
$50 Grand-Five Minutes In Ring
King Kunzler As I clealy explained to Mr. Walters on may ocassions the government is my bought bitch and I paid good money have Mr. Walters liquidated. Mr. Walters is a coward who in a skilled nursing home using a walker and declined to meet me in a boxing match for $50,000 if he could last 5 minutes in the ring.

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Little Johnny Reprort
US Govt Obituary
The United States Obituary & Political Patronage System
Quotes From Johnny Jenkins Junior High School Report Year 2350
President Abraham Lincoln stated the government of the people, by the people, and for the people; was in all fairness established as a democracy based on representative government in the early days of the country. It was not possible in 1700 to have a true democracy as exist in Switzerland base on voter referendum based on technology that existed at the time which led to creation of the electoral college

This Link The pratice of diverting government agencies or overstepping the constitution could be done by payment of money played a role in elimination of corrupt public officials Even former President Ronald Reagan stated there was more turn over in the Soviet Leadership than there was in Congress. That the United States was a failure became evident when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi( *during a mental lapse) explained she supported President Obamas idea that the constitution should be replaced by Shira Law.

V Ancient Aliens Have Returned And Taken Up Operations At Skin Walker Ranch
-Professor Einstein Weight In On Issues Of Relocation of Alien Species

Ancient Aliens On History Channel

Legendary Times
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Chairman
Ancient Aliens On
The History Channel-ET Is Here
This Link Ancient Aliens has been making the case for our distant ancestors work with the human race in the past the evidence of their impending return

Skinwalker Ranch

Contact Email
Fort Dungness Utah
The Secrets Of Skinwalker Ranch
& Research Of Active Worm Hole
The Secrets Of Skinwalker Ranch a series on Tuesday nights on extensive scientific investigation of an active worm hole and other strange events which occur in a regular basis. The Owner Brandon Fugal has come to the conclusion that the alien presence is malovent and many not be friendly to human life.

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Professor Einstein Weight In
On The Alien Issue
Professor Is It True All Homeless Came From Mars?
This Link Ya dat is right. We figure that about 10-12,000 years ago after the last ice age they migrated to earth from Mars probally due to domestic, financial problems, and slow economy caused by sending better paying jobs to Jupiter.

This Link Professor Do Maritans Have Problems With Substance Abuse, Mental Health, or Other Issues? Nine-absolutely not! We never tell anyone who can vaporize the entire planet they have a problem. See we take some brasso like das and polish the nice transuranic metals and say good Martian-they we walk them down to Mental Health for some software adjustments; Detox for some R & R and nobody gets vaporized....

VI Our Web Services Have Been Fagged By Facebook And Google Gooooooly-Shazamm!!!

Mark Zuckerberg Of Factbook
Meta Technologies
One Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 543-4800
We Imposed 7 Day Sanction On Owner
Our Hookers Will Fill Up Your Page With Ads
Our new rules require we sanction anything which offends any or our customer. Before the sanction was imposed Mr. Walters spent several days trying to throw many hookers off his facebook page. Freedom of Speech is now public enemy #1 at the command of the political patronage system. Only the rich; powerful and special political interest have any actual say in how the country runs.

Mark Zuckerberg Of Factbook
Meta Technologies
One Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 543-4800
You Don't Want Hookers On Your
Facebook Page & Blocked US?
Mark Zuckerberg our pimp has had you accout blocked so you can't get into it until you make a profound apology to every whore; loser; and every other low life who run Facebook

Google: Cisco:..

Tripwire Booby Trap
Sunnyvalle Hackers &
Hit Tripwire Booby Trap-Again
Apparently while trying to block the authors access to the internet again...all strategic assets are defended by strategic weapons-in fact or inferred.

Congressional Hearings

Question Of Need Regulate

Neutrality Act Violations

Against United Nations
Congressional Hearings Neuter Tech
Who The Hell Are You To Decide Who Can and Can't Speak?
Attacking Property Of The United Nations
Takes Balls of Steal
Trying to harass the largest military power on the planet suggest the offenders must have their heads stuck way down in the dope bag. Harassment of the UN has already been subject to numerous sanctions on Google by various European Countries Laws To Limit abuse of free speech by Government and Big Tech

Press On Image To Enlarge

Welcome To Google
Speech Police
We Have Been Fagged By Google The Internet Police
Who Is Trying To Block Access To Internet

Judicial Watch

The Internet Police
Deciding Who Should & Should Not Speek
425 Third Street SW Suite 800
Washington, DC 20024
1-888-JW-Ethic (1-888-593-8442)

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Detective Kevin Wong
Nevada Highway Patrol
George Togliatti Director
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711
We Interview Mr. Walters As a Possible Terrorist For Mailing
An Electornic Phone Director We Requested
Detective Kevin Wong The Nevada National Guard had requested a copy of Mr. Walters emergency management network as a public service donation on flash drive. When it got here Detective Kevin Wong of NV Public Safety drove over and during an interview read Mr. Walters his rigths as a possible terrorist making threats by mailing the felony phone book

We routinely blocked all email and other communications into Nevada as terrorist communiques;It seems Mr. Walters was Nevada in 2016 and when visiting a shelter was actually attacked by a flying saucer in downtown reno. According to Mr. Walters he was questioning gang control of the homeless shelter and one of the guest threw a 5 pound rock right by his nose. Ashamed they missed and Mr. Walters left Nevada

IV Mayberry Gazette Who Are We & How We Develop Our Leads
With a Million Website Hits A Year Must Useful For Something

Retired Congressional Field Auditor
Special Studies; Audits; Survey 1982-2023

National Survey;Audits & Bibliographies 1982-2022
1. Authorizations 100th Congress The auditing process provided where no one else with any good sense would agree to do the work involved

2. Model Social Service programs Best Of The Best

3. Criminal Activities HUD Organized criminal used the homeless as cannon fodder while using poorly operated facilities to destroy billions of dollars in valuable real estate.

4. Audit of SSA (1):(2): (3) (4): And I used to think the Mafia control of US Department of HUD was bad news

5. USA Freedom Act US Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) The Honorable US Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VA) joined forces with others to pass legislation to protect Freedom of Speech

6 Homeland Security Researrch Bibliographies on a wide ranging research from terrorst studies; nuclear studies; interdeminsional physics: audits and survies.
"No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished"

7. Political Patronage System Government for Sale: your vote does not really county because money has already been paid at the political conventions as to which laws will not be enforced. of whatever the special interest want

8. President Joseph Biden Fiat during the State of Union Address issued a Fiat or Executive Order to reform nursing home industry as did Honorable US Congressman Steve Scalise : estimated 2 million dead.

9. Aliens & ET's Bibliography documents how the government and ET are back dripping information to prepare humanity to meet their Ancient Ancestors

10 The Emergency Management Website has been retired after 3 or 4 decades. Classic Dynamic Failure might be addressed with Therapy Programs

11. Return Of The King With what we Christians" believe is the 2nd Coming of Jesus-the Lord forgives all to repentence even if you never go to church.

12. Congressional & Diplomatic Immunity these records Submitted As Testimony And Evidence To Congress are in resident in several exclusive venues and cannot be subject to civil or criminal prosecution-

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Beautiful Mayberry North Carolina

Welcome To Mayberry Gazette-Political Humor
Where Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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