City of Kerrville, TX
Mayor David Wampler, & City Council
Chief of Police Young
800 Junction Highway
Kerrville, TX 78028

Chris Walters Residence 1999

Landlord Alvin Allen
352 Spur 100
Kerrville, TX 78029

Kerr County Texas
County Judge Pat Tunney,Commissioners & Sheriff
700 E. Main Street
Kerrville, Texas 78028

Operational Impediment #16-18 Don't Give Up Your Day Job
To Take Up Stealing As A Profession

United States Department of Education
Frauds Involving
False Claims of Debt
This was an interesting effort by a private bill collection firm to double bill a student loan which was already acknowledged repaid by US Department of Education.

United States Department of Education

Washington,D.C 20202
Office of Student Finaicial
Assistance Programs
March 22, 1999

Kerrville Telephone Company

955 Water Street PO Box 1128
Kerrville, TX 78029-1128
January 13, 1999

Chris Walters
c/o 352 Spur 100
Kerrville, TX  78028

Dear Mr. Walters:
Pursuant to the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. 1681, "the Act",you are hereby notified of the following:

1. Kerrville Telephone Company has required a deposit as a prerequisite to providing its telephone service to you, based on information in a consumer report;The name, address, and telephne number of the consumer reporting agency is:


1801 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78215
SARMA attempted to damage National Emergency Management Directory credit and business relations with Kerrville Telephone Company and could produce no evidence to support their accusations.

3. The above-referenced consumer reporting agency did not make the decision to require a deposit (the adverse action) and is unable to provide you with a specific reasons why such action was taken;

4. You have the right under Sectin 612 of the Act(15 U.S.C. 1681J), to obtain a free coopy of the consumer report on you from the consumer reporting agency if you made a request for the report to the consumer reporting agency not later than sixty days after your reciept of this notice: and

5. You have the right under Sectin 611 of the Act (15 U.S.C. 1681 to dispute withthe consumer reporting agency the accuracy or completeness of any information in a consumer report furnished by the agency.

216th Judicial District Court

        National Emergency      	)
        Managerment Directory   	)
        Plaintiff             		)
        vs                      	)
        Financial Control Service      	)
Judge Emile Karl Prohl
Civil 99-64A
Financial Control Services Admits
Double Billing and Pays Damages $88.00
Credit Fraud Pays Up Recovered $88.00: Walters v. Financial Control Services. District Court: CV 99-64A: Credit Agency pays $88.00 damages admits double billing in debt collection-miminal damage to credit.

Financial Control Servicews

Sincerely Michael R. Rash
68-1 Sanger,Sutie 195,
PO box 21626
Waco, TX 76702-1626
Chris Walters In response to your petition in District Court 216

1. The account in question was sent to Financial Control Services (FCS) on Janurary 14,1999 on a floppy data disk from Term Billing along with thousands of other accounts. Term Billing which is located in Arlington, Texas is the billing services TCEP-Sid Peterson used to bill its emergency physicial services.

2. On the same day Mr. Walters account was sent to FCS the payment Mr. Walters made at the hospital was sent from Sid Peterson to Term Billing. The account was entered in the system at FCS on Janurary 14, 1999 and a letter automatically went out.

3. The first letter was the only letter sent by FCS, you said that you sent us a response requesting more information, but we show that no correspondence was received.

4. When we received your complaint we started out investigation with a call to Term Billing. Term Billing said they had recieved your payment on Janurary 14, 1999 and had failed to notify FCS that the account was paid. At the time Term Billing informed us the account was paid, we cleared your account and showed it was paid.

Mr. Walters, I'm sending you a check for $80.00 and with your endorsement and cashing of the check, it will relieve FCS of all liability in the Civil Case 99-64-A

Sincerely Michael R. Rash
CC; Linda Uecker, Clerk of the Court
68-1 Sanger,Sutie 195,
PO box 21626
Waco, TX 76702-1626

The Wackenhut Corporation

National Blacklist?

Conviction Without Trial & National BlacklistEveryone from the FBI which operated the National Crime Information Center too ExperianEquifax The Wackenhut Corporation;too TRW has a database of information which they compile on you throughout your life which has only 1 real purpose according to the 1976 US Senate Judiciary Hearings of the Watergate Era..... Without benefit of trial or the opportunity to confront and challege your accusers your professional reputation is slandered and liabled while some self appointed stranger decides if you cut the mustard or measure up as a member of society. The historical role of slander,libel, and defamation is to destroy another persons or groups public credability, rights, or standing by use of statements the "principal" knows to be untrue. In modern times through the use of computer technology and the victim's own social security number it is possible to destroy another persons good name and reputation without the person being aware of it. Can our society afford to pay taxes and welfare to support everyone who can't get a job because their name and reputation has been ruined by a private concern using their social security #, date of birth, credit history....
1. Testimony Before Congress Church maintains national blacklist 1976 Bartz Larg former employee of The Wackenhut Corporaton testifies before Senate Select Committee that he turned over 20,000 names for national blacklist maintained by National Church League. Remember when you couldn't get that good job-maybe there is a reason why.

Metropolitan Las Vegas Police

Las Vegas Model For Reform

The City of Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada have found a model for protecting civil rights, screeing those needing work, and complying with Constitutional Provision that law enforcement and intelligence activities belong to government:

1. Persons needing employment clearances sent to Sheriff or Police Department.

2. A qualified law enforcement officer takes the applicants prints, runs a background check, and is the requirements are met issues an official Sheriff's Card.

Appendix A Blackletter Law & Roman Model
For Enforced Migration of Low Income Populations

Blackletter Law Requirements
Blackletter Law
Executive Fiat or ORDER 1997
The Social Security Administration appeared at Bar in USDC, WDT Walters v Miller, Crownover and exercised their sovereign authority to limit all activities related directly or indirectly to Social Security to a few authorized protocols listed above. Challenges to the Social Security Administrations soverign authority is prosecuted Title 18 USC 1505 Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees

Advanced Medical Directive

Requires Contract to Provide Medical Services
Why Is The United States Going Broke?
Medical Failure Equal Profit for Hospitals and Doctors
Strange I thought medical professionals were supposed to be healers who resolved medical problems instead of dragging them out for years and years to increase profits 10 Doctors 5 years to do minor surgery for cancer in office. 45 Doctors took 15 years to do colon exam. 160 Doctors treated chronic blood clots and 4-5 hospitalizations a year at $400,000 until 1 doctor prescribed Xarelto-a pill a day..131 Doctors Treat Chronic Infection 1 doctor solves problem with hospital visit. Primary Care Physicians prescribe assisted living as needed for hip replacement...., how many years will pass before this occurs

Roman Model

Press On Image To Enlarge
The Roman Model-Enforced Migration
For Homeless Programs
Link As in Roman Times the migration of low income groups to major cities created many problems. The modern day policy of enforced migration broadly violates United States Supreme Court Williams v Fears and US V Guest

Appendix B Citation of Federal Authority

US Senator Mark O Hatfield

Chairman Senate Appropriations

Former US Congressman Henry B Gonzalez

Chairman Banking & Urban Affairs Committee
San Antonio,Texas 78205

US Congressman Tony Coelho

House Majority Whip
Modesto, CA 95354

Congressional Work Ethic Can
Result In Your Being Volunteered or Drafted

It seems that many Chairman of Congress believe in the concept of work ethic and if they find you on Capitol Hill or too close to something they are working on will actually have someone volunteered or simply drafted. I-5 Cooridor Agreement origionally on covered portions of California, Oregon, and Washington but was rapidly expanded by the national leadership to include a third of the United States. Congressman Henry B Gonzalez caught me on Capitol Hill about 1988 circulating one of my publications and had me introduced to the HUD Inspector General.. This assignment lasted until about 1993 when the Clinton Administration came into power and replaced me with 2 convicted persons who according to press reports were paid $80,000 a year plus expenses..

Infrastructure Protecton Programs

Chris Walters
Survey Coordinator
Background On Audits &
Surveys Done For US Government ...
The author has worked in the security and private investigations industry for 40 years typically wears a uniform carries a fire arm and protects facilities with insured value into billion dollar range. Services and contracts with the United States Government begin in 1997 and include

1. 1-5 Corridor Agreement study authorizations for surveys in 15 states 1986

2. Directory Model Social Service Agencies

3. Organized Crime Ties to US Dept HUD Confirmed Kills

4. Federal Law CSBG US Senator Mark O Hatfield

5. Welfare Reform Act 1986

6. Food Stamps For Homless Act US Congressman Tony Coelho

7. Audits USDA Programs confirmed kills

8. Audits US Postal Programs confirmed kills

9. Terrorist in Social Services confirmed kills

8. Spyware Act of 2005 2nd Federal Law 2015

9. Emergency Management Authorizations1993-2013

10. Emergency Management Structure 15 States1993-2013

11. Operational Audit Social SecurityExecutive ORDER 1997-2015

Server and Internet Operated

By Liquidnet in United Kingdom
Joinder to United Nations
In 1999 the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals authorized a special jonder of study programs and human rights issue to the United Nations The program materials are located in the United Kingdom.

Former US Attorney General

Alberto Gonzalez
US Department of Justice

San Antonio Home Of Federal Grand Jury

US Attorney Johnny Sutton
601 N.W. Loop 410, Suite 600
San Antonio, TX 78216

David C Williams

Social Security Inspector General
Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17785
Baltimore, Maryland 21235
Prosecutable Federal Offenses
1. Title 18 USC 402 Contempt might include practicing, vending, or dispensing federal law without license or actual contempt of Court

2. Title 18 USC 1509 Obstruction of Court ORDER; Whoever, by threats or force, willfully prevents, obstructs, impedes, or interferes with, or willfully attempts to prevent, obstruct, impede, or interfere with, the due exercise of rights or the performance of duties under any order, judgment, or decree of a court of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. No injunctive or other civil relief against the conduct made criminal by this section shall be denied on the ground that such conduct is a crime

3. Title 18 USC 913 Impersonator Making Arrest Whoever falsely represents himself to be an officer, agent, or employee of the United States, and in such assumed character arrests or detains any person or in any manner searches the person, buildings, or other property of any person, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

4. Title 18 USC 371 Conspiracy to Committ an Offense To defraud the United States If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. If, however, the offense, the commission of which is the object of the conspiracy, is a misdemeanor only, the punishment for such conspiracy shall not exceed the maximum punishment provided for such misdemeanor.

5. Title 18 USC 1701 Obstruction of Mail Generally Whoever takes any letter, postal card, or package out of any post office or any authorized depository for mail matter, or from any letter or mail carrier, or which has been in any post office or authorized depository, or in the custody of any letter or mail carrier, before it has been delivered to the person to whom it was directed, with design to obstruct the correspondence, or to pry into the business or secrets of another, or opens, secretes, embezzles, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

7. Title 18 USC 1512 Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant ( (b) Whoever knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, with intent to— (1) influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding; (2) cause or induce any person to— (A) withhold testimony, or withhold a record, document, or other object, from an official proceeding; (B) alter, destroy, mutilate, or conceal an object with intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding; (C) evade legal process summoning that person to appear as a witness, or to produce a record, document, or other object, in an official proceeding; or (D) be absent from an official proceeding to which such person has been summoned by legal process; or shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

7. Deprivation of rights under color of law Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.
Title 18 USC 1505 Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees concerns acts such as Contempt of Congress while Chapter 115-Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities what appears to be a large number of 3rd party casualties appear to have gone to meet Jesus while trying to explain to those who run they country they merited no respect.

Press On Image To Enlarge

US Postal Inspector Counter Intelligence Group
US Postal Inspector RB Brown
aka Instant Passport Photos Cointellpro Operations
112 N Alamo Street
Post Master R.G. Brown
Forth Worth, TX 76155-2675
US Postal Inspector Group 1983
1. Congressman Henry B Gonzalez 1983 was Chairman of the Powerful Banking Committee during the time the S&L Scandals and crisis occured. The Congressman's hometown of San Antonio profited from the repayment of monies which are described below

2. Home of Federal Grand Jury 2002-2006 San Antonio city, local and federal persons form a permanent line of convictions to federal grand jury and prison while working hard to block my medical work

3. This link concerns Congressional Investigations of Haliburgon where it was discovered the company former owned by VP Dick Cheney was over charging the US DOD for billions of dollars.

4. Human Rights Violations 1997 Social Security claims "Divine Right Of Kings" to violate human and civil rights of it's own citizens

5. Fictious conviction 1993-1996 attempt to create and maintain a conviction without trial; judge; jury or any record of court proceedings

6. Local Church 1999 steals $10,000 from me and my interestate business.The San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries and others joined forces to destroy Chris Walters business 1999 which was licensed here in San Antonio in 2001 False Credit History 1999 defeated in 198th Judicial District Court of Texas

7. You Buy Your Dope In Church? 2009 San Antonio has extensive history of using social service agencies to traffick drugs.

8. Attempt to Block Medical Treatment 2009 San Antonio Rescue Mission tells Baptist Hospital I can recover at their shelter and then denies me services for life

9. Dain Kunzler 2011 self professed terrorist explaines in great deal he has been threatening various persons, groups and organizations I receive services from in front a a US District court no less

10. Tyler Texas Blocks Medical Treatment 2012 under new Governor Rick Perry new Rules to prevent seniors from receiving Medicaid

11. Texas Attempts Overturn Rulings 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has attempted to Quash 4 US Circuit Court of Appeals & USSC.

12. Pastor John Hagee SA possible attempt to acquired nuclear weapons access in Montana.

Press On Image To Link

National Security Death Warrants
Or Amnesty Application
Title 18 USC 1505 Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees concerns acts such as Contempt of Congress while Chapter 115-Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities what appears to be a large number of 3rd party casualties appear to have gone to meet Jesus while trying to explain to those who run they country they merited no respect.